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True Books

How to Succeed in Business Without a Penis: Secrets and Strategies for the Working Woman, by Karen Salmansohn (Harmony Books, $21). Synopsis: Using an array of positive thinking from Bazooka Joe comics to The Art of War, Salmansohn, a self-described image consultant who on page two takes credit for coining the term “Croissandwich,” helps women […]

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City File

If abortion were asbestos, would it be banned by now? According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (October 1996), a review of 23 independent studies of induced abortions and breast cancer shows “a remarkably consistent, significant positive association between induced abortion and breast cancer incidence….The increased risk is seen in both prospective and […]

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Randolph Street Gallery’s Grant Gripes

Ben Joravsky’s article of November 29 (“Other People’s Money”) is rife with innuendo and assumptions, which lamentably serve to justify his limited view of nonprofit arts organizations. Randolph Street Gallery, which was the subject of this attack for not paying artist Lisa Alvarado a portion of a grant for her art project on time, is […]

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Chicago String Quartet

Chicago String Quartet When DePaul University decided a couple of years ago to bolster the reputation of its music school, one of its first and best moves was to start a resident string quartet. Two distinguished violinists from points west were recruited right away: Joseph Genualdi of the Los Angeles Piano Quartet and the Muir […]

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Grounds for Action

Dear editor, “Coffee Clash” [November 1], Lewis Lazare’s article about the demise of the popular coffeehouse Scenes at the hands of competitor Starbucks, really touched a nerve. A raw nerve. I happen to be the proprietor and co-owner of a small, just-barely-making-it coffeehouse in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood, on the city’s far southwest side. As with […]

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Naturally Incompatible

Dear Reader, I feel bad about the disappointment some folks feel in regards to the natural areas restoration efforts happening in their communities [Neighborhood News, November 8]. However, there is something so philosophically Western (or overarchingly human) about folks being so much more upset about having their “blinders” (buckthorn buffers) removed than at the actual […]

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Flirting With Disaster

Mars Attacks! *** Directed by Tim Burton Written by Jonathan Gems With Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Michael J. Fox, Rod Steiger, Tom Jones, Lukas Haas, Natalie Portman, Jim Brown, Lisa Marie, and Sylvia Sidney. By Jonathan Rosenbaum As light entertainment, Mars Attacks! gave me more pleasure than […]

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Solo Schmolo

Dear Reader: In the November 29 edition’s “In Performance” [Calendar], Jack Helbig describes how post-eating-disorder performance artist and sometimes improviser Abby Schachner became who she is. However, he is misinformed about what was described as her first “solo show.” This production at Zebra Crossing was an ensemble with six actors; Abby’s “Belts” scene was a […]