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Benefit Concert For Eddie Harris With Ramsey Lewis, Willie Pickens, Wilbur Campbell, And Others

Benefit concert for EDDIE HARRIS with RAMSEY LEWIS, WILlie PICKENS, wilbur campbell, and others I never tire of singing the praises of Chicago-born saxophone innovator Eddie Harris: of his stupefyingly original tenor style, filled with intrepid octave leaps and feathery grace notes; of his Ellingtonian ability to blend majestic virtuosity with street-smart imagery; of the […]

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Limbic Fix

The “fix” in the name has nothing to do with fixedness: this contact improv group is devoted to indeterminacy and change. When I saw them last summer, its four members – Kathleen Maltese, Jen Abrams, Leslie Teng, and Julij Miller -were trying to stay on top of the physical situations they themselves created, then disrupted […]

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Farm Aid

Harold Henderson’s article “Up Against the Sprawl” (September 6) was an excellent, comprehensive look at the causes and effects of sprawl, a vital subject for Chicagoland, one that must be addressed more effectively by the citizens of Illinois. I would like to take issue, however, with his comment regarding the loss of farmland. While from […]

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Missed Window of Opportunity

To the editor: Jordan Marsh’s delightful article on the birth and rebirth of the Reliance Building raised my hackles near the end with its blithe reassurance that the original opening windows have been sealed shut in accord with the requirements of “modern office-building standards.” These are the sort of standards that mean you have to […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: Why does gay life suck so much? Irregardless of AIDSphobia, homophobia, or whatever, gay men treat each other, mostly, as fantasy sex objects (I too). I’ve been having sex with men exclusively since I was 17. Although I’ve always dreamt of romance with Mr. Stud Muffin (kissing me, holding me in his muscular […]

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Coyote Ugliness

Dear editor, I am writing in regards to the article in the October 11 issue of the Reader regarding the sculpture that was stolen from my studio during Around the Coyote [Neighborhood News]. I would like to make it clear that I hold no animosity towards Mary Beth Cregier or Around the Coyote. They worked […]