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Coyote Ugliness

Dear editor, I am writing in regards to the article in the October 11 issue of the Reader regarding the sculpture that was stolen from my studio during Around the Coyote [Neighborhood News]. I would like to make it clear that I hold no animosity towards Mary Beth Cregier or Around the Coyote. They worked […]

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Sports Section

Moving from baseball to football, as hockey and basketball begin to percolate, one is struck to discover that the source of continuity among sports these days is an almost universal revilement of owners. The Bears’ Michael McCaskey is regarded as a cheapskate and blamed for many of the team’s woes, as is the Tribune Company […]

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The Legend of Wicked Willie

By Michael Miner The Legend of Wicked Willie Is Bill Clinton evil? It’s an important question and may not be settled before he’s reelected. But a consensus is forming. Linda Bowles, inevitably, leads the way. “Clinton is incontrovertibly a liberal! But he is also a pragmatist,” she wrote the other day. “He learned he cannot […]

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Spot Check

BABE THE BLUE OX, MOTORHOME 10/18, DOUBLE DOOR Tim Thomas uses 12 guitars and 12 tunings on Babe the Blue Ox’s ambitious major-label debut, People (RCA), but if he could just write songs that flow more than they sputter, he could harness his rhythm section’s serious funk potential to get this lumberingly eclectic New York-based […]

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Chicago Chamber Musicians

Chicago Chamber Musicians A tribute to a major composer on a milestone anniversary should be an occasion for appreciation and discovery. But the Chicago Chamber Musicians rise only halfway to the challenge with this all-Schubert season opener, a bicentennial celebration of the Viennese composer’s birth. The program, a repeat of CCM’s inaugural concert a decade […]

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True Books

Is Your Cat Crazy? Solutions From the Casebook of a Cat Therapist, by John C. Wright, PhD, with Judi Wright Lashnits (Macmillan, $12.95). Synopsis: In this sincere account of the emotional problems facing cats, Wright, “a pioneer in the field of applied animal behavior,” uses actual case studies to help perplexed owners deal with common […]