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Star Wars Seething

Dear editor: [Re: Movies, January 31] Does anybody at the Reader staff actually understand or even like Jonathan Rosenbaum? I don’t get him. He reminds me of that audio/visual geek in high school–you know, the one with the clip-on keychain who kept magic tricks in his locker and bitched and moaned about how difficult it […]

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Righteous Wrath

To the editor, I just read Jonathan Rosenbaum’s diatribe against the Force in his editorial on the re-release of Star Wars [January 31]. Given the recent spate of articles on the seemingly everlasting commercial power of the movie and the public’s love affair with its spin-off action toys, his piece was a welcome digest of […]

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Food Lion Fraud

Dear editor: It is claimed (Hot Type, February 7) that regarding Food Lion’s suit against ABC-TV for its story on alleged unsanitary food handling practices the “truth of their report was no defense; it wasn’t even an issue.” Oh, but it was. Many reporters, in a defense of their unethical brethren, have asserted erroneously that […]

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The Light Fantastic

Lee Friedlander: Desert Places at the Art Institute, through March 16 Midwest Landscapes at Ehlers Caudill Gallery, through March 8 By Fred Camper The light of the Sonora desert, subject of 14 of the 15 exquisitely detailed Lee Friedlander photographs at the Art Institute, is “bright, often to pain,” he remarks; one of the first […]

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Steve Turre’s Sanctified Shells

Steve Turre’s Sanctified Shells Steve Turre had already made a name for himself with his strong-willed trombone playing–as a prominent member of bands led by such jazz greats as Dizzy Gillespie, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and Woody Shaw (and as a sometime studio sideman with Santana)–when he started playing seashells. As in seashells, from the seashore. […]

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Crime on Goat Island

Crime on Goat Island, Theo Ubique Theatre Company, at the Heartland Studio Theater. Actors onstage must give one another a place to stake their faith, especially in a play as slippery as Ugo Betti’s modernist marvel Crime on Goat Island. Three women–widow Agata, daughter Sylvia, and sister-in-law Pia–live in self-imposed exile in a desolate mountain […]

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His Wife’s Lover

This 1931 Yiddish comedy directed by Sidney Goldin was once touted as “the first Jewish musical comedy talking picture,” though it doesn’t have much music. Shot in New York in nine days, it’s a fascinating example of the long-gone Yiddish film, with a wonderful performance by Ludwig Satz as a successful actor named Edouard Wien. […]

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Bringing It All Back Home

Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album (Sire/Warp) Spring Heel jack 68 Million Shades (Island Independent) By Peter Margasak When an underground dance artist starts to make albums instead of singles–which are the only legitimate currency of the underground–he’s in essence made a decision to leave the club scene. But not all such artists are leaving […]

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Jazz Passengers with Deborah Harry

JAZZ PASSENGERS WITH DEBORAH HARRY Just along for the ride? The Jazz Passengers toss enough irony and lighthearted lunacy into their music to give that impression, but their careful arrangements, clever compositions, and bristling front line–alto sax, trombone, vibes, and violin–suggest otherwise. In all their lower-Manhattan splendor, the members of this sextet lace their infectious […]

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City File

Let’s see, there’s a war on drugs and a big campaign against guns . . . Number of vehicles city police report impounding during 1996 as part of weapons arrests: 1,200. As part of narcotics arrests: 1,250. As part of prostitution arrests: 1,500. “One of the most important things [the Metropolitan Planning Council] can do […]