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Baby Fox

Baby Fox The arrival last year of bands like Morcheeba, Moloko, and Baby Fox suggests the profound influence of the Bristol explosion. While the diverse output of Massive Attack, Portishead, and Tricky is often lumped lazily together as trip-hop, the music that’s developed in its wake continues to combine the common elements in numerous ways. […]

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The Crucible

The CRUCIBLE, Bog Theatre. Arthur Miller’s Tony-winning protest play goes beyond a vivid depiction of resistance to the 1692 Salem witch-hunt to precisely picture a theocratic town’s capitulation to fear, warn against confusing church with state, provide an ironic gloss on the 50s Red scare (as well as the Japanese-American internment), and create a timeless […]

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David “Fathead” Newman/ Ed Thigpen Quartet

DAVID “FATHEAD” NEWMAN/ED THIGPEN QUARTET Saxophonist David “Fathead” Newman risks being pigeonholed in the “Texas tenor” tradition, thanks not only to his Dallas nativity but also to his full-bodied tone, his hard swing, and his easygoing jump on the blues. But Newman’s alto playing–with its haunting tone and emotional reserve–has always played a nearly equal […]

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Baby Jane Dexter

BABY JANE DEXTER “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” was a serious question among cabaret fans during the 1980s. That was when Baby Jane Dexter–a popular performer during the cabaret boom of the 70s at venues ranging from New York’s trendsetting Reno Sweeney and Ballroom nightclubs to Chicago’s Man’s Country bathhouse–dropped out of a music scene […]

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One Drop is All It Takes

ONE DROP IS ALL IT TAKES, Oui Be Negroes, at TurnAround Theatre. Intelligent alacrity has always characterized the work of Shaun Landry and Hans Summers, founding members of the comedy troupe Oui Be Negroes. And in their most recent revue, these two plus Merle Dandridge and Marvin Howard probe the corners of our culture for […]

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Days of the Week

Friday 3/14 – Thursday 3/20 MARCH By Cara Jepsen 14 FRIDAY Viewers can look for all the subliminal messages they want to in the oil paintings, drawings, photos, masks, and other works in Form Quality: Artwork by Faculty, Students, and Alumni of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The shrink-art exhibit opens tonight with a […]

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In The Eye of the Beholder

IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, Lookingglass Theatre Company, at Bailiwick Arts Center. First produced in 1993 at Prop Theatre’s old North Avenue space, Laura Eason’s semiautobiographical one-act is the kind of polemic likely to give agitprop a good name. Her cause is just–she targets the silencing of girls in school and the destruction of […]

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Dine on Dine

Dine on Dine This 87-minute program of three shorts about Jim Dine should become a primer for making movies about artists and their art. The second and third movies on the program–All About Looking (1996) and Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait on the Walls (1995)–are directed by Dine’s wife, Nancy Dine, whose filmmaking style reflects an […]

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The Persecution of Arnold Petch

THE PERSECUTION OF ARNOLD PETCH, A Red Orchid Theatre. In their second artistic collaboration, Stephanie Nelson and Lara Furniss show they’re well on their way to becoming the Lennon and McCartney of scenic design. As they did in their improbably lyrical stairway-within-a-cocoon set for Cook County Theatre Department’s Tosca, here they take simple, recognizable elements–the […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Life imitates lawyer jokes: Because of overcrowding at the Chilliwack, British Columbia, courthouse, the location for jury selection in a January manslaughter case was changed to a local community center, but because of other court business taking place there the hearing had to be held in the center’s men’s room. Said prosecutor Henry […]