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Franz Jackson Quintet/ Eddie Johnson Quartet

FRANZ JACKSON QUINTET/EDDIE JOHNSON QUARTET “Living history” perfectly describes the pairing of Chicago tenor-sax legends Franz Jackson and Eddie Johnson, who between them have logged more than a century of professional music-making, including stints with such mist-shrouded masters as Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Earl Hines, Louis Jordan, and Fats Waller. But if the phrase brings […]

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Chronic and More: Films by Jennifer Reeves

CHRONIC AND MORE: FILMS BY JENNIFER REEVES Chronic, the longest film on this program of six of Jennifer Reeves’s seven completed films, is a highly personal, somewhat autobiographical 38-minute meditation on “the suicidal mind.” Near the beginning multiple images from a moving car echo an earlier film about suicide, Stan Brakhage’s Anticipation of the Night, […]

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Friday Night and the Rehearsal

FRIDAY NIGHT and THE REHEARSAL, at Voltaire. Joyce Carol Oates again proves herself to be one of our most articulate authors with The Rehearsal, in which an actor and actress stubbornly resist the hackneyed scene they’re preparing until revelation of their personal experiences gradually lends depth to its artifice. And in Friday Night, a group […]

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Hurrying Through History

Coming Forth by Day Chicago Moving Company at the Dance Center of Columbia College, June 12-14 By Laura Molzahn What Nana decides to do, Nana does. That much is plain in her resolute musculature and the fact that she’s still dancing, though she’s past 60 and requires surgery on one knee. It’s plain in her […]

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Papas Fritas

Papas Fritas With their second album, Helioself (Minty Fresh), Papas Fritas have managed to shake off most of the self-conscious indie-rock blandness that weighed down their promising debut; no longer does the Boston trio feel the need to temper its sugar with salt. There are certainly tunes on the new disc, such as “We’ve Got […]

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Text Patterns

Rose Divita at Aron Packer Gallery, through June 28 Moreover the Same: Paintings by Walter Andersons at Ten in One Gallery, through June 28 By Fred Camper Words painted over images are nothing new: Renaissance painters sometimes named their subjects or provided a bit of commentary in this way. But artists in this century have […]

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How The West Was Lost

Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through June 29 By Stephen Longmire The fate of America’s west has preoccupied American landscape photographers for at least two decades. Whether it’s the deadpan minimalism of “new topographer” Robert Adams, the reenactment of 19th-century photographic land surveys practiced by […]

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Savage Loe

Hey, Faggot: My boyfriend and I are both in our late 30s and HIV negative. I use a diaphragm for birth control. I have used a diaphragm or condoms for over 20 years. I have tried two different types of birth control pills, and my body can’t tolerate them. Contraceptive suppositories and foams give me […]

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But Enough About You

Interviewing the Audience Spalding Gray at the Museum of Contemporary Art, June 12-14 By Justin Hayford Seventeen years ago, when the Kitchen commissioned Spalding Gray’s Interviewing the Audience, the piece probably had an electric effect. The New York performance scene was revving up for its last great gasp, and Gray had carved himself an impressive […]

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Stars in the Gutter

STARS IN THE GUTTER, Hit ‘n’ Run Productions, at Stage Left Theatre. Subtitled “a celebrity freak show,” Charles Bila’s late-night comedy is based on the hateful but reliable premise that there’s nothing funnier than watching someone else in pain. And if that someone also used to be a somebody, so much the better. Packing his […]

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Days of the Week

Friday 6/20 – Thursday 6/26 JUNE By Cara Jepsen 20 FRIDAY Last year 25,000 people visited the Museum of Contemporary Art during the 24-hour-long event celebrating the opening of its new home–and no one was trampled. This year the second annual Summer Solstice Celebration promises 39 nonstop performances and activities, including a midnight horror-film festival, […]