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Taste of Chicago sidebar

FRIDAY FUN Stage 11:30AM Ella Jenkins 12:30 & 3:30 Dave Rudolf 5:30 Laurie Canaan & Dennis O’Hanlon FOX DINER 11:45AM Manteca 2:15 Blue Train Blues Band 4:45 Just Friends FRIDAY TASTE Stage 12:30pm Liz Carson & Rancho Deluxe 1:45 Heatersons 3:00 Jel Tyson & the Bleeding Hearts 4:15 Cindy Fee 5:30 Western Wheels 6:45 Jo-El […]

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Critic’s Choice/ music

JUAN REYNOSO Not for nothing is 85-year old Juan Reynoso called “the Paganini of the Mexican Hot Lands.” Considered Mexico’s greatest living violinist, he’s a veritable repository of the history of mariachi music, and he still plays with stunning vitality. The mariachi tradition varies greatly by region, and Reynoso is from Guerrero, on the southern […]

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Medill’s Star Attraction

By Michael Miner Before Ken Bode began covering presidential politics, he helped re-create them. Bode worked for the Eugene McCarthy campaign in early 1968, but he spent most of the summer teaching in London. Back in the States just in time for the Democratic Convention, he walked into McCarthy’s Chicago headquarters. “Are you Sam Brown?” […]

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Novel Approach

Ulee’s Gold Rating ** Worth seeing Directed and written by Victor Nunez With Peter Fonda, Patricia Richardson, Vanessa Zima, Jessica Biel, Christine Dunford, J. Kenneth Campbell, Steven Flynn, Dewey Weber, and Tom Wood. By Jonathan Rosenbaum The character-driven stories in all four of writer-director Victor Nunez’s features to date–Gal Young ‘Un, A Flash of Green, […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: This letter is in response to Baby Pedophile. I am also a normal young woman with what might be considered very disturbing sexual fantasies. If you can imagine it, I’ve probably fantasized about it. Although I’ve found my thoughts odd, I never thought they were abnormal, because, as you wisely pointed out, we’ve […]

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Enduring Survival

Kindertransport Apple Tree Theatre By Adam Langer One moment toward the end of Apple Tree’s production of Kindertransport rivals any I’ve seen onstage for quite some time. Evelyn Miller stands in the attic of her London dwelling with her daughter Faith, having addressed for the first time her long-concealed youth as the child of Holocaust […]

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WASP, Aardvark, at Voltaire. In the great tradition of Jerry Lewis, Steve Martin isn’t content to be funny; he wants to be an artist. And like Lewis before him, the more artistic he gets, the more he stinks. This is more true of his plays than his movies. The title alone of his best-known play, […]

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Ron SexSmith

RON SEXSMITH It’s easy for a performer like Ron Sexsmith to get overlooked in this era of instant gratification. He sings soothingly, his lyrics are refreshingly prosaic, and his beautiful melodies insinuate themselves in memory without your even noticing. But as his recently released second album, Other Songs (Interscope), proves, this former bicycle messenger from […]

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Seeking Satisfaction

I am writing to request clarification of facts regarding an article written by Ben Joravsky on June 6, 1997. In Mr. Joravsky’s article entitled “Social Insecurity” he states that the Mary Crane Center did not conduct an official presentation to the residents of the Lathrop Elderly building, which is untrue. A presentation and meeting was […]

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Willie D. and Z.Z. Hill Jr.

WILLIE D. & Z.Z. HILL JR. Vocalist Willie D.’s dusky timbre sometimes falters when he’s trying too hard to sound like a sex machine, but when he’s relaxed he lets loose an amiable blend of traditional and contemporary soul and blues. Either way, though, the real treat is his band. Anchored by Willie Black’s no-nonsense […]

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Spot Check

BLUE MEANIES 6/27, METRO Every once in a while a record comes along that blasts a tired genre wide open, and the Blue Meanies’ new Full Throttle (Thick) might just be one of those. Oh, it’s relentless ska-core all right, but the Meanies feel free to break into swingy jazz or waltz-time sweeps or chipper […]

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Brazil Nut

Arto Lindsay Mundo Civilizado (Bar/None) By Peter Margasak On the back cover of his new album, Feelings, David Byrne is portrayed as a computer-generated action figure sporting some dope club-kid duds. Inside the package is a spinner you can use to program the mood of this “whining yuppie,” as Legs McNeil pegged him last year, […]

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Guns for Everyone!

field.qxd To the Editor: Tori Marlan’s June 6 article, “Dealing Death,” showed very clearly the damage caused by the U.S. attorney’s failure to prosecute those who circumvent federal gun laws. The article also gave the impression that the solution to the problem of gun violence is stricter gun-control laws. However, Marlan’s reconstruction of the illegal […]

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Group Efforts: business is picking up

Though he lived a total of only nine months in Chicago–Lincoln Park, after college–and recently moved back to his parents’ house in Mokena, Brandon Wilson and his volunteer group First Motion drive into the city every other week to clean up vacant lots. The group’s Saturday morning “guerrilla projects” are picked by Wilson, who says, […]