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Damnee Manon Sacree Sandra

DAMNEE MANON SACREE SANDRA, Bailiwick Repertory. Michel Tremblay’s 1977 drama is the kind of play Bailiwick’s Pride series should present more often. Unlike the formulaic relationship dramas and nudie domestic comedies that give the festival a breezy irrelevance, Tremblay’s demanding meditation on the inseparability of purity and corruption plunges an audience headfirst into one of […]

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Mundane Glories

Otto Klemperer (EMI, Music & Arts, and Testament) By Lee Sandlin Otto Klemperer was one of the strongest and most individual of orchestra conductors. From the middle 1950s until his death in 1973, he led the Philharmonia Orchestra in dozens of recordings for EMI, working his way through most of the standard repertoire from Bach […]

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Grant Park Symphony Orchestra

GRANT PARK SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Movie music, long dismissed as a bastard art form, is now a crowd-pleasing component of almost every orchestra’s schedule. But even in snootier times, many serious composers grudgingly acknowledged the craftsmanship and encyclopedic knowledge of musical styles required to write a good film score, and the most open-minded among them (Copland […]

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Love Diatribe

LOVE DIATRIBE, Great Beast, at National Pastime Theater. For its debut production, the Great Beast theater company stages one of the late Harry Kondoleon’s lesser-known works. Perhaps best known nationally for Self-Torture and Strenuous Exercise, Kondoleon has a unique, strangely satirical voice that earned him two Obie awards. His depictions of dysfunction and absurdity in […]

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Embracing Doubt

Lorraine Peltz at Gallery A, through July 12 Gabriela Morawetz at Maya Polsky Gallery, through July 8 Karen Lebergott at Jan Cicero, through July 12 By Fred Camper Filmmaker Stan Brakhage once argued against what he saw as an emerging academicism in film–a “structural” approach based on an evident or predictable formula–by saying that he […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In a sexual harassment lawsuit she filed against the University of Alabama, Dale Gray, 41, claimed that a female professor lured her into an affair, causing Gray severe emotional problems. At the trial in May, Gray–who has had her breasts removed, takes testosterone, and now sports a beard “to hide the little girl,” […]

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Bill Frisell Quartet

BILL FRISELL QUARTET Bill Frisell has long been one of the most distinctive guitarists in jazz, but only in the last five years has he managed to focus his talent–oddly enough, by funneling it through country music. Frisell’s associations in the 80s with Bill Laswell and John Zorn infected his subsequent work, replacing the pastoralism […]

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Active Cultures: Shame of the Pride Parade

Their press release was full of the kind of womyn-goddess-sister-spirit rhetoric that usually makes eyes roll–the Women’s Action Coalition and the Lesbian Avengers have decided to “Girlcott” this year’s Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade over allegations of past sexual harassment. While both groups will participate in Saturday’s “Dyke March,” they’ll stand on the sidelines during […]

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The TV Threat

28: Pictures of Life in a High-Tech World Lookingglass Theatre Company at the Goodman Theatre Studio By Albert Williams Perhaps you’ve seen the new TV commercial for Klondike ice cream bars, the one that shows William Shakespeare being challenged by an offscreen announcer to write a sitcom. The Bard refuses to lower himself–until he tastes […]

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Small Wonder

Ponette Rating *** A must see Directed and written by Jacques Doillon With Victoire Thivisol, Xavier Beauvois, Matiaz Bureau, Delphine Schiltz, Marie Trintignant, and Aurelie Verillon. The cinema has produced its share of excellent directors of children, among them Satyajit Ray, Francois Truffaut, and Abbas Kiarostami. Their shared characteristic is an ability to navigate the […]

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Taste of Chicago sidebar

FRIDAY FUN Stage 11:30AM Ella Jenkins 12:30 & 3:30 Dave Rudolf 5:30 Laurie Canaan & Dennis O’Hanlon FOX DINER 11:45AM Manteca 2:15 Blue Train Blues Band 4:45 Just Friends FRIDAY TASTE Stage 12:30pm Liz Carson & Rancho Deluxe 1:45 Heatersons 3:00 Jel Tyson & the Bleeding Hearts 4:15 Cindy Fee 5:30 Western Wheels 6:45 Jo-El […]

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Critic’s Choice/ music

JUAN REYNOSO Not for nothing is 85-year old Juan Reynoso called “the Paganini of the Mexican Hot Lands.” Considered Mexico’s greatest living violinist, he’s a veritable repository of the history of mariachi music, and he still plays with stunning vitality. The mariachi tradition varies greatly by region, and Reynoso is from Guerrero, on the southern […]