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Hearing Voices

Next Generation Project at the Dance Center of Columbia College, June 19-21 and 26-28 By Terry Brennan There are many seductive voices in our lives, including the candy-sweet voice of advertising. Even though we know the voice is lying, we’re drawn into the mountain scenery behind the cars: the open spaces appeal to city dwellers, […]

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NIGHTFALL This 1956 masterpiece by Jacques Tourneur, best known for the stylish horror films Cat People and Curse of the Demon, begins as Jim Vanning (Aldo Ray) meets Marie Gardiner (Anne Bancroft), who’s soon helping him evade the private investigator and two thugs chasing him. His explanation of why he can’t go to the police […]

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Bobby Hutcherson

BOBBY HUTCHERSON Last weekend vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson appeared in McCoy Tyner’s star-studded sextet at Ravinia, and listening to him caress “I Loves You Porgy”–which he and Tyner played in duet–provided just one more reason to eagerly anticipate his own booking this week. His instrument doesn’t invite artful exploration of a ballad’s tender mercies the way […]

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The Neighbors in: The Human Experiment

THE NEIGHBORS IN: THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT, the Neighbors, at the Chopin Theatre. There’s something dark and wonderful about the first fully scripted comedy revue by this improv troupe, a show that includes repeating bits about sadistic research scientists, libidinous alcoholic housewives, annoying elevator operators, even a hapless, well-meaning ex-con who keeps getting jacked around by […]

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No Exit

NO EXIT, Runamuck Theatre Company, at Live Bait Theater. In this version of Jean-Paul Sartre’s play, the couches occupied by hell’s most recent immigrants command more attention than their tenants–because the sofas in this Runamuck Theatre production are played by three actors in clown makeup whose silent shenanigans usurp most of the subtextual revelation and […]

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Mandy Barnett

MANDY BARNETT Even at the ripe old age of 21–seven years older than LeAnn Rimes–Mandy Barnett is easily one of Nashville’s most promising new singers. Following a two-year stint as the lead in the Ryman Theater production of Always…Patsy Cline, in 1996 Barnett released a stunning debut that drew a clear line from the beautifully […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories A California proprostitution organization called the National Sexual Rights Council appealed in April for donations to its campaign to get teenage hookers off the streets. For a $250 contribution the donor receives a T-shirt and a membership card, and for $150,000–which the group points out is the same price as a White House […]

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A Fine Mess

Royal Flush Retro Theatre Company at the Athenaeum Theatre Studio By Justin Hayford Gay theater in America may as well be on life support: most gay plays are inert, kept alive by a sense of social obligation, not social necessity. It’s nearly impossible to find one written in this decade that does more than restate […]

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VERBENA If you’re not listening closely, Souls for Sale (Merge)–the debut album from the Alabama foursome Verbena–sounds like more of the same 70s-inspired guitar rock that’s currently clogging the nation’s airwaves. But Verbena has worked out its own appealing take on the form, and it includes neither overwrought caterwauling nor unbearable effects wankery. Drummer Les […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a 21-year-old inexperienced female. I am presently in love and in a relationship–very serious–with a man from the Middle East. He’s asked me to marry him. I haven’t had much experience with men, but he has committed to me in heart, mind, and soul–in fact, so much that I tend to […]