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Mistakes in the Past

bjork.qxd Dear Letters: Science at the Chicago Academy of Sciences does not extend to historical accuracy, as demonstrated by its press release uncritically run in the Reader’s City File of August 1. Boasting of its 140 years in Chicago, the Academy would have us believe that in 1857 Illinois had “zero miles of railroad.” According […]

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Days of the Week

Friday 8/22 – Thursday 8/28 AUGUST By Cara Jepsen 22 FRIDAY Double Dutch, the jump-rope game in which two ropes are spun in opposite directions simultaneously, has been around playgrounds for generations. Recently kids have added acrobatics and dancing, elevating the game to the level of a genuine sport. Some of the best jumpers from […]

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Strangeness in a Strange Land

Being One Being Living Lee Anne Schmitt and Sophia Skiles at Link’s Hall, August 15-17 By Carol Burbank Gertrude Stein believed that plays should be landscapes, visual journeys for audiences with the curiosity and detachment of tourists, attentive to the alien details of another culture. Only then, she felt, could she keep up with the […]

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What Did He Know…

Dear Editor, A story by Jeffrey Felshman in the Reader [Hot Type, July 25] recently addressed the topic of a spat between myself and Jim Weinstein, former publisher of In These Times, about my account of his firing of Josh Mason, a less-than-earthshaking event I described in a column in the Nation. I was surprised […]

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…And When Did He Know It?

Mason.qxd To the editors: I was recently the subject of a Hot Type column by Jeffrey Felshman [July 25] which presented me as a tyro journalist taken advantage of by that wily old pro, Nation columnist Alexander Cockburn. Well, I do feel taken advantage of–but by Felshman and the Reader, not by Cockburn. Felshman misquoted […]

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Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson In addition to performing in jam sessions at his own Velvet Lounge (see separate listing), epic tenor soloist Fred Anderson will twice this week plug his just-released double CD Fred (Southport)–a terrific recasting of his free-jazz lyricism within the context of relatively conventional compositions spearheaded by bassist Tatsu Aoki. Wednesday, August 27, as […]

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Give “Em Enough Rope

Marcus Gray Last Gang in Town: The Story and Myth of the Clash (Henry Holt) By J.R. Jones The last time the original Clash played Chicago–at the Aragon on August 12, 1982, to be exact–I couldn’t tell whether I was at a rock ‘n’ roll show or basic training. Berets, army boots, and camouflage pants […]

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Automatic Dismissal

reese.qxd Dear Editor: I am reasonably sure that when selecting a writer to review some form of artistic expression, you are not likely to choose someone so gung ho on the particular genre that they have no objectivity to speak of; what has me puzzled is the selection of someone who apparently knows little of […]

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Barry Harris

BARRY HARRIS As a teenager, even before he met the man, Barry Harris had heard and absorbed the music of Bud Powell, who all but invented bebop piano and who had proved himself the equal of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie by the time he could vote. Powell’s brilliance would illuminate Harris’s path, both as […]

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Comrades, Almost a Love Story

Comrades, Almost a Love Story Despite its sentimental aspects, this youthful, semitragic tale of two Chinese mainlanders in Hong Kong–the wonderful Maggie Cheung (Actress, Irma Vep) and pop star Leon Lai–and their fluctuating relationship as friends and lovers is the most moving film I’ve seen yet about that city’s last years under colonial rule (though […]