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Comrades, Almost a Love Story

Comrades, Almost a Love Story Despite its sentimental aspects, this youthful, semitragic tale of two Chinese mainlanders in Hong Kong–the wonderful Maggie Cheung (Actress, Irma Vep) and pop star Leon Lai–and their fluctuating relationship as friends and lovers is the most moving film I’ve seen yet about that city’s last years under colonial rule (though […]

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Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt, Breadline Theatre Group, at the Chopin Theatre. Henrik Ibsen’s 1867 verse play depicts the anguished title character, a Norwegian folk figure, as a charming louse. Bit by bit Peer loses his soul as he abandons his mother, ignores his beloved Solveig, and travels the world to make his fortune. But significantly Ibsen denies […]

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Look Before You Leap

difrus.qxd It’s a shame that Robin Dranka hadn’t actually seen the cartoon How to Make Love to a Woman before writing her letter “Seeing Red” [Letters, August 1]. The illustration to which she refers is not a woman’s eye being poked out but a man’s, poked out from a woman’s erect nipple. The cartoon in […]

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The Dumbwaiter

The Dumbwaiter, Primate Theatre Ensemble, at Voltaire. You see, there are these two hit men waiting for their prey, but mysterious messages keep falling down a chute in the wall–yes, it’s The Dumbwaiter, second only to Edward Albee’s Zoo Story on the roster of popular acting-class exercises since the mid-60s. Harold Pinter was an actor […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: My girlfriend and I only see each other on weekends. To overcome the overwhelming desire to jerk off during the week, I have discovered that I get great pleasure urinating on myself. I don’t know how this happened; one morning I just did it. About an hour after drinking a lot of water, […]

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For the Record

tesser.qxd In a Critic’s Choice on Ira Sullivan published July 18, I wrote that Sullivan has made only two recordings in the last 15 years. I meant two recordings as a leader; he has also appeared as a featured sideman on two Delmark albums led by Chicago musicians, one by Lin Halliday and the other […]

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SPEED-THE-PLOW, Pyewacket, at Voltaire. David Mamet’s 1988 one-act was inspired by his experiences in the movie industry, whose credo, he later opined, should be “Film is a collaborative business: bend over.” Satirizing Hollywood sleaze on and off the screen, the twisting story concerns two aspiring power brokers, Charlie and Karen, who vie for influence over […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories The New York Post reported in June that the state of New York has provided about 25 free organ-transplant operations, costing taxpayers about $1 million, to illegal aliens in the 18 months since Governor Pataki promised to end the practice. State officials told the Post they knew of “dozens” of cases over the […]

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Brad Goode

Brad Goode When trumpeter Brad Goode first hit town in the mid-80s, just out of college, he looked about 14; now in his mid-30s, he still looks young enough to get carded at the clubs he plays. But onstage his musical maturity was always self-evident, as he drew out lithe but complex lines with his […]

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Natural Power

Ever since Marcel Duchamp expressed a distaste for art that was too “retinal,” art designed to give visual pleasure has had a hard time. A painting that’s lovely to look at, and nothing more, seems hopelessly naive. But some works of genuinely compelling beauty, while they offer no concepts translatable into verbal statements, achieve some […]

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Spot Check

BRAVE COMBO 8/22, FITZGERALD’S This long-lived Texas band of roots defilers is finally poised to catch a wave–and what do they come up with but Group Dance Epidemic (Rounder), a collection of deliciously, straightforwardly annoying presentations of “The Hokey Pokey,” “The Mexican Hat Dance,” “The Hustle,” and other communal boogie-woogie. The whole thing sounds like […]