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Shaken, Not Stirred

simpson.qxd I found the strangely personal and even slanderous attack on Dion Antic in Post No Bills on August 8 to be totally unnecessary and unfounded. As a regular reader of your paper, I wonder what would cause Peter Margasak to take such a stance. I frequent Harry’s Velvet Room, Iggy’s, and the newly opened […]

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The Straight Dope

Why doesn’t water burn? It’s made of hydrogen, which is flammable, and oxygen, a necessary component of flame. Yet every time I put this question to someone who knows about chemistry their eyes roll back in their head and they nearly pass out, and when they come to they give some explanation that is so […]

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Rebuilding the Material World

Envisioning the Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through April 5 By Mark Swartz As part of its fall series of public programs, the Museum of Contemporary Art is offering a workshop titled “Using Contemporary Art to Stimulate Creativity and Innovation.” The instructor, Gerald Haman, is a consultant who works with Fortune 500 companies […]

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Days of the Week

Friday 9/5 – Thursday 9/11 SEPTEMBER By Cara Jepsen 5 FRIDAY The goal of the Critical Mass bike ride is to gather a large group of cyclists, choose a route, block traffic at major intersections, and piss off motorists–in other words, to turn the tables on fossil-fuel fanatics and show the power of bikes. While […]

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Fefu and Her Friends

FEFU AND HER FRIENDS, Footsteps Theatre Company and Cantadora Productions. The seven women gathered at Fefu’s country home are products of the most prestigious universities in America. They’re there to rehearse an educational fund-raising program, but mostly they just lounge around and discuss how difficult life is for women–particularly for Julia, who’s crippled by hallucinations […]

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Field & Street

Biological invasions are slow-motion disasters. They start small: a few insects hitchhiking on some imported nursery stock, a few seeds escaping from somebody’s backyard and taking root in a ditch, a field, or a woodlot. The spread is slow at first. Small populations, even if they are very fecund, can produce only small numbers of […]

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Gabbeh Is it possible for a movie to be intoxicatingly pretty without quite attaining beauty? Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s fantasy about the nomadic Ghashghai of southern Iran, who weave colorful carpets that tell stories, is a delightful treasure chest of colors, costumes, landscapes, magical-realist details, and very simple characters–all of whom tend to have the allure of […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In July a judge in Doncaster, England, released suspect Martin Kamara, 43, a black man who had been accused of threatening a financial adviser, because of police impropriety. Cops wanted to put Kamara in a lineup for identification, but because of recent racial incidents, no black men could be found who were willing […]

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Antonio Gaudi

Antonio Gaudi This 1984 documentary about the architect essentially lets Gaudi’s work speak for itself, and it couldn’t be more eloquent. The cinematography by Junichi Segawa, Yoshikazu Yanagida, and Ryu Segawa provides perspectives you couldn’t get on-site in Barcelona, guiding you at a perfect pace through intimate interiors or whisking you to aerial vantage points, […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: My girlfriend of two and a half years recently started smoking. I’ve always been very up-front with her about what a huge turnoff this habit is, but she keeps right on puffing. It’s yellowed her teeth, her breath stinks, and her hair and body constantly smell (never mind the fact that we’ve both […]