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No Cure for a Bad Attitude

gilmore.qxd As a person with multiple sclerosis, I read last week’s cover story [“Can Bee Stings Cure MS?” August 22] with steadily increasing dismay. Whether or not bee venom is a viable therapeutic option is not what I found so objectionable about the article. Rather, I was at a loss to understand why your reporter […]

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Mary J. Blige

MARY J. BLIGE With her first two albums singer Mary J. Blige inadvertently helped producer Sean “Puffy” Combs become the hugely influential star he is today. But the two no longer work together, and both have suffered for it. Though he’s still prolific, Combs has gotten lazy, too often looping huge chunks of painfully familiar […]

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Diana Krall Trio

DIANA KRALL TRIO When singer-pianist Diana Krall appeared last year in Chicago, the Tribune decided that the success she was enjoying–minor by entertainment-industry standards, but major in terms of jazz–made her “the female counterpart to Harry Connick Jr.” This notion falls apart rather quickly on listening to Krall; her unpretentious adaptation of older jazz classics […]

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Caught in the Net

Captured at Society and Atheism Why “come out” as an atheist? A common question among atheists, especially those who used to be theists, is whether or not to “come out” as atheists, or pretend to be a theist when around friends and family. Some of the arguments given in favor of “coming out” include: […]

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City File

Math challenge. From a recent policy paper of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless on the gross inadequacy of substance abuse treatment facilities: “Over the last 11 years 77% of federal drug control funding has been spent for law enforcement, leaving only 33% for treatment, prevention and research.” “Civil asset forfeiture”–a constitutionally questionable proceeding now […]

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Seize the Day

routten.qxd To the Editor: “As I Lay Dying” (July 25, by Grant Pick) is a moving, direct, and illuminating account of the psychic process of dying. This sensitive piece invites the reader to cross over the threshold of intellect into the heart of a great man, Roger Conley Bone, renowned pulmonary physician, who died prematurely […]

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Critical Distance

Almost exactly 33 years ago, in October 1964, the critical reception of Jean-Luc Godard’s widest American release of his career and his most expensive picture to date was overwhelmingly negative. But now that Contempt, showing this week at the Music Box, is being rereleased as an art film–in a brand-new print that’s three minutes longer–the […]

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The Cruelest Cuts

Under the CTA’s new plan, overall service will be pared by 10 percent, and roughly 75 percent of all bus routes will experience some reduction in service. But cuts clearly fall harder on some communities than on others. In many instances the new cuts will make entire neighborhoods–such as Austin, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, North Lawndale, […]

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Duking it Out

Headline Gentlemen: I never suspected that my first letter to the Reader would be about jazz music–something relatively unimportant to me–but I must correct people who are flagrantly wrong, because that is how one makes the world a better place. In his June 20 review of the 1945 version of The Big Sleep, Jonathan Rosenbaum […]

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Petty Crime

August 1, 11:40 PM, 2200 block of West 68th. Burglary. Security guards spotted two men unloading cartons of frozen chicken from railroad boxcar. They called police, who arrested offenders. “I had a right to that chicken,” one offender protested. “I bought a ticket from the chicken man. How do I get my chicken back after […]