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Cinema in a Single Frame

Harry Callahan at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through September 21 By Stephen Longmire As a young photographer in Detroit in the late 30s, like many amateurs at the time Harry Callahan relied on camera clubs for artistic guidance. In 1941 his friend Arthur Siegel arranged for Ansel Adams to visit the Detroit Photo Guild. […]

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Mr. Nanny

MR. NANNY, at Bailiwick Arts Center. If Marc Silvia ever tires of being one of the sharpest actors in town, he can rest assured of success as a stage designer. His deceptively simple living room set for Vicki Quade’s Mr. Nanny orchestrates banal details–family photos, potted plants, children’s toys, assorted tchotchkes–with painterly precision. As a […]

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True Books

Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman (ReganBooks, $16). Synopsis: Women are in the dark about men sexually and need “an honest-to-goodness gay man” to set them straight, so to speak. Sex is a good way for women to get what they want. Representative quote: “If you […]

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Coloring Potential

Coloring Potential, Short Story Theatre, at Chicago Dramatists Workshop. “Not everything down here is a tragedy,” says one of the housing-project residents interviewed in Recalling Trumaine. “If you keep calling it that, that’s what you’ll teach them. That’s what they’ll learn.” Short Story Theatre writers Marco Benassi and Tim Clue’s walk on the south side–specifically, […]

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Celtic Fest Chicago

CELTIC FEST CHICAGO presents music at four locations in Grant Park: Buckingham Fountain, the Seisuin Tent (Jackson and Columbus), the Celtic Crossroads Stage (Jackson and Lake Shore Drive) and the Petrillo Music Shell (Columbus and Jackson). Also featured are dancers (see Section Two), poets, and storytellers. For information call 312-744-3370. SATURDAY BUCKINGHAM FOUNTAIN 11:30 University […]

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City File

Clearest lake in northeastern Illinois? Grove Lake in Du Page County, where you can see a white dinner plate submerged a full 12 feet (144 inches) below the surface. Runners-up: Cedar Lake in Lake County (139 inches) and Crystal Lake in McHenry County (123 inches). (From a recent report by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission.) […]

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Principia Scriptoriae

PRINCIPIA SCRIPTORIAE, Circle Theatre. A disgruntled young counterculture-babbling Yank and an equally disgruntled young Oxford-educated Latino cling to their mutual love of poetry in order to endure the brutality of a prison cell in an unnamed Latin American country ravaged by revolution circa 1974. Even more difficult tests await them–12 years later the two find […]

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DERAILERS On their first album, Jackpot, Austin’s Derailers came off as meticulous, kitschy time travelers. With their Nudie-style suits, heavily waxed ducktails, and unwavering obeisance to the Bakersfield sound of Buck Owens, the band’s reproduction of early-60s west-coast honky-tonk was so earnest as to be laughable. The soulful vocals of Tony Villanueva and solid songwriting, […]

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King Floyd

KING FLOYD Even by R & B standards, the career of New Orleans vocalist King Floyd has been erratic. Raised in a musical family, he was a local celebrity by the time he hit high school. After trying his luck in both New York and California (where he cut his first LP in 1967), he […]

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Pussy, King of the Pirates

PUSSY, KING OF THE PIRATES Postpunk, postmodern millennial writer Kathy Acker and the cult British punk band the Mekons are a good match, transgressors who use their considerable knowledge of literature and musical history to create angry, eloquent, highly eccentric works. Acker has a scholar’s fondness for ransacking the classics to form the foundations of […]