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Fabrics of Life

Nick Cave at Wood Street Gallery, through October 19 By Fred Camper Among Nick Cave’s 43 works at Wood Street are a number of full-body suits he’s worn as a performance artist. Described by one critic as “flamboyant garments that shimmer in the lights and rattle with movement,” each is made of just a few […]

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Caught in the Net

Captured at The Virtual Pet Cemeteryª Copyright © 1994-1997 LavaMind. All Rights Reserved. Welcome to The Virtual Pet Cemetery, a unique cyber graveyard for pets. All of us, at one time or another, have had a pet we loved and lost. If you wish to immortalize your beloved pet in the tombs of cyberspace […]

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Harsh Master

Films by Andre de Toth By Fred Camper The availability of films on video has caused a major shift not only in viewing habits but in aesthetics. Certain aspects of a film–story, script, music, sound effects–do come through reasonably well on cathode-ray tubes. But what do not translate are the complex visual and emotional effects […]

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NIEDECKER, Writers’ Theatre Chicago. Ironically, recognition for the successful writer often curtails the solitude necessary to the craft. Knowing this and fearing that her rural Wisconsin neighbors might look strangely on a poet in their midst, Lorine Niedecker guarded her privacy zealously. Neither the staff at the Fort Atkinson hospital where she worked as a […]

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City File

Lest we forget. U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun in “Poverty Issues…Dateline Illinois” (September 4): “This poverty issue has been caught up in the fiction and demagoguery surrounding the issues of poverty in this country. We end up legislating based on fantasy.” Kids–don’t try this at home. From Field Museum publicity for its Archaeopterfest: “Watch as a […]

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Civic Orchestra of Chicago

CIVIC ORCHESTRA OF CHICAGO Of all the events in this weekend’s marathon bash inaugurating the new Symphony Center, Sunday’s three-hour open rehearsal of Monday’s concert by the Civic Orchestra seems the most appropriate: an ensemble of musicians in training for the next century trying out a revamped hall designed for the future–under the guidance of […]

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Peter Grimes

PETER GRIMES The moral tone of Peter Grimes, the most popular of Benjamin Britten’s 15 operas, is as gray as the skies of the Suffolk coast, the story’s locale and the composer’s beloved home base. Is Grimes a renegade fisherman justly scorned by his fellow villagers for his ill treatment of boy apprentices? Or is […]

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Petty Crime

September 1, 4:15 AM, 3900 block of North Broadway. Battery. Man walked into gas-station convenience store and asked for pack of cigarettes. Without warning, man jumped over counter, pounced on clerk, and bit him several times. Man fled but was later caught by police. Suspect and victim were taken to hospital, treated for minor cuts, […]

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A Red Death

A RED DEATH, Chicago Theatre Company. Hard-boiled novelists like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler endure despite outlandish characterizations and implausibly convoluted plots because they always maintain suspense. Contemporary detective writer Walter Mosley follows in their tradition, but in this stage version of his mystery, adapter David Barr and director Delia Jolly Gray have let the […]

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The Straight Dope

I recently cut open a golf ball to show my nephew Jason the rubber band wrapper and liquid-filled rubber ball in the center that I remembered from my childhood. Imagine my disappointment to discover a solid white interior made of who knows what, with no rubber bands and no secret center. There was nothing to […]