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Narrative Gaps

Unbound Fusion Emergence Dance Theatre, Joel Hall Dancers, and Loop Troop at the Athenaeum Theatre, October 26 and November 17 and 27 By Terry Brennan Telling stories in dance can be tricky. Many dances can be summarized, but we often feel the story as much as we understand it consciously. And different people often see […]

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Marginal Notes

Galaxie 500 Galaxie 500 (Rykodisc) By Peter Margasak The box set used to be a solemn bestowment, confirmation of a band’s status as legend–or at least an acknowledgment of its influence on other legends. One scan of music store shelves, crammed with box sets by everyone from Kansas to Blowfly, suggests that the criteria for […]

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Vienna Choir Boys

Vienna Choir Boys Long famous as a tourist attraction in their native land, the Vienna Choir Boys also serve as Austria’s globe-trotting goodwill ambassadors. At any given time two choruses of 24 boys each are on the road, while two more stay in Vienna, participating in weekly concerts with the Vienna Philharmonic and other ensembles. […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Denny Constantine told the San Jose Mercury News in October that he was part of a team that almost got the go-ahead to drop flying-bat bombs on Japan in World War II. The plan: Tiny incendiary devices would be attached to millions of bats, which would be put into egg carton-like trays in […]

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Jerry Gonzalez

Jerry Gonzalez The musical wiles of Nuyorican jazzman Jerry Gonzalez have captivated a growing number of listeners since his obscure debut as a leader more than 15 years ago (Ya Yo Me Cure, on Sunnyside and now on CD). Like Dizzy Gillespie, a mentor and onetime employer, Gonzalez plays both trumpet and congas; and if […]

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Danilo Perez

DANILO PEREZ When he appeared in Chicago a couple years ago, the Panamanian-born pianist Danilo Perez dropped an offhand remark about the inherently Latin rhythms in the music of Thelonious Monk–a surprising comment and, as it turned out, one to whet the appetite as well. Earlier this year Perez released the delightful Panamonk (Impulse), on […]

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Ill Humor

Neil Hamburger America’s Funnyman (Drag City) By Jay Ruttenberg There’s not very much comedy left in stand-up comedy. Everyone with any insight or charm has his own sitcom by now, and with all those cable television channels to fill, any dimwit with a cheap sport coat and a spiral notebook (for his “societal observations”) can […]

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Breaking the Waves

A breakthrough feature by Lars von Trier–the postmodernist Danish director of The Element of Crime, Zentropa, and The Kingdom–this all-stops-out melodrama set on the remote north coast of Scotland in the early 70s produces some waves of its own. The plot concerns a naive young woman (a galvanizing performance by Emily Watson) who falls in […]

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Stephen Petronio Company

The quicksilver moves of Stephen Petronio’s choreography inevitably call to mind transformation–magical changes too quick for the eye. But in the 1995 Lareigne, made for the tenth anniversary of his New York-based company, Petronio occasionally slows those mercurial motions almost to a standstill. In the first section, a solo set to the rock song “No […]

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Petty Crime

October 26, 1:05 AM, 5100 block of South Harper. Robbery. Seventeen-year-old was grabbed from behind by man who put a gun to his head and demanded money. Victim said he had no money. Man said, “Take off your stuff.” Victim removed coat, pants, shirt, and shoes. Man took clothing and fled. November 5, 4:30 PM, […]