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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Michael McLean began serving time in New York in September for a string of burglaries of posh residences in Brooklyn and Staten Island, including the homes of several crime-family leaders. The daughter of the late Gambino family boss Paul Castellano was at one time so alarmed about the burglaries that she hosted a […]

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Frontier A common tactic connects acts as diverse as Tortoise, Brise-Glace, Flying Saucer Attack, Main, Jesus and Mary Chain, and This Heat: take a massive, merciless beat–bass and drums in hard pursuit of groove–then superimpose sheets of electronic noise, be it fuzzed, phased, or flanged. Chicago’s new foursome Frontier makes a full-fledged methodology of this […]

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Awadagin Pratt

AWADAGIN PRATT By now 32-year-old pianist Awadagin Pratt is hardly a newcomer on the classical concert circuit, and the novelty of his skin color and heartland upbringing (in Normal, Illinois) has worn off. But he’s still amazing to watch, his fullback-size body sitting on a tiny custom-made stool, crouching over the keyboard a la Glenn […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I do not know if my situation is unique, but I love fat women–over 300 pounds. Most of the ladies I have dated or tried to date think that I am hard up for sex, or that all I want is sex and nothing more. No matter how much I tell a woman, […]

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Police Scanner

Tuesday, November 19, 11:30 PM Dispatcher: Got a person, possibly inebriated, ran into a pole. Are you alone in the car? Unidentified caller: Just me and the good Lord. Dispatcher: OK, you and the good Lord take a look at this drunk with the pole. Saturday, November 23, 11:30 PM Dispatcher: Unit in the area, […]

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Isaac Stern and Friends

ISAAC STERN AND FRIENDS Isaac Stern, the beloved elder statesman of the violin, has been taking an admittedly well-deserved rest on his laurels lately–he often seems only partly engaged in performances, and he’s been known to wander shockingly off-pitch. Yet when Stern is inspired, he can still show us what virtuosity really means, and his […]

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Directed by Scott Hicks from a script by Jan Sardi, this hyperbolic but undeniably effective Australian feature recounts the unorthodox career of classical pianist David Helfgott–a gifted musician driven to succeed so fanatically by his ambitious Polish-Jewish emigre father (Armin Mueller-Stahl) that he wound up insane. (It’s a story that sometimes recalls Fear Strikes Out, […]