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The Sum of Us

THE SUM OF US, Lucid Theatre Productions, at the Preston Bradley Center for the Arts. Through its simple investigation of love, loneliness, and the human condition, The Sum of Us manages to avoid focusing exclusively on either gay or straight issues. In this respect David Stevens’s comedy about a father and son living together in […]

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GRIFTERS Twenty-five years ago the Rolling Stones were making the best music of their career, having transcended their blues influences to create a dangerous-sounding new strain of rock. Now they’re desperately trying to shake off the moss, hiring hot producers like the Dust Brothers and Danny Saber to inject their feeble new Bridges to Babylon […]

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Low-Key Charisma

Pigs at the Trough of Attention Sweat Girls at Cafe Ashie, through November 1 White Light Radiant Theatre at National Pastime Theater, through October 25 By Justin Hayford Some years ago I went to see the late, great Sock Monkeys with the late, great Larry Sloan. As was their wont, the Sock Monkeys did nothing […]

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Jacky Terrasson Trio

JACKY TERRASSON TRIO The French-born pianist Jacky Terrasson has borrowed judiciously from Keith Jarrett in his sharply etched melodicism and his romantic phrasing; he has taken even more from Ahmad Jamal, in his use of space, his intimate concept of the piano trio, and his highly stylized arrangements. You could do a lot worse in […]

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Life and Limb

LIFE AND LIMB, Old Nehamkin Theatre Company, at Voltaire. Subtlety and sunny optimism have never been hallmarks of Keith Reddin’s work. A line in his latest play, All the Rage, pretty much sums up his point of view, describing the world as “a cesspool of insanity populated by sick fucks.” Optimists routinely wind up with […]

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More than three years after it premiered at Factory Theater, Nick Digilio and Mike Meredith’s gleefully vulgar comedy about a group of poker buddies remains remarkably fresh. Of course, poker night is a familiar theatrical motif, but these guys are funnier than Stanley Kowalski and his gang, and their dialogue is much more crisp and […]

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MACBETT, Stone Circle Theatre, at the Athenaeum Theatre Studio. Who would have guessed that grand master absurdist Eugene Ionesco could write a suspenseful whodunit? To be sure, he borrows heavily from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but in Ionesco’s version the femme fatale is Mrs. Duncan, one of the witches wears a leather bikini, and the riddle is […]

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Tricks and Treats

Back in the Shadows Again: The Lighter Side of “Dark Shadows” Free Associates at the Ivanhoe Theater Seventy Scenes of Halloween Chicago Viewpoints Ensemble at Angel Island The Pictureman and Meet Van Helsing Seventh Sense Productions at the ImprovOlympic By Jack Helbig Halloween used to be a holiday mostly for kids. But in recent years […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In White Plains, New York, letter carrier Martha Cherry, 49, was fired by the postal service in August after 18 years for walking her rounds too slowly. In an explanation to Cherry, a supervisor wrote, “At each step, the heel of your leading foot did not pass the toe of the trailing foot […]