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Tricks and Treats

Back in the Shadows Again: The Lighter Side of “Dark Shadows” Free Associates at the Ivanhoe Theater Seventy Scenes of Halloween Chicago Viewpoints Ensemble at Angel Island The Pictureman and Meet Van Helsing Seventh Sense Productions at the ImprovOlympic By Jack Helbig Halloween used to be a holiday mostly for kids. But in recent years […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In White Plains, New York, letter carrier Martha Cherry, 49, was fired by the postal service in August after 18 years for walking her rounds too slowly. In an explanation to Cherry, a supervisor wrote, “At each step, the heel of your leading foot did not pass the toe of the trailing foot […]

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Freddy Cole Quartet

FREDDY COLE QUARTET Forget chromosome mapping; if you want to prove the power of genetics, just dial up the vocal work of Freddy Cole. Without even trying, he conjures up his legendary big brother, Nat “King” Cole, whenever he opens his mouth. Oh, he might have developed the naturalistic phrasing, the breathy plunge at the […]

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Fall of a Legend

Toots and the Maytals Recoup (Alla Son) When elders of the Central Eskimos of northern Canada grow too frail to contribute to the community, younger folk put them on an ice floe, give it a shove, and wave good-bye as grandma or grandpa drifts off to a cold, isolated death. Though he hails from warmer […]

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The End of Violence

The End of Violence A cool contemplation of the relation of violence to American culture, this is easily Wim Wenders’s most watchable and entertaining movie since Wings of Desire (1988). Bill Pullman plays a wealthy producer of violent action movies who is kidnapped; Andie MacDowell plays his wife, and others in the cast include Gabriel […]

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Police Scanner

Tuesday, September 30, 12:50 AM Dispatcher: Hey George, how’s it goin’? George: I’m OK, how are you? Dispatcher: Fine, since it’s my last night. Yes! Unidentified caller: You quit? Yes! Dispatcher: Shut up Alex, I know you’d be crying if I left. Alex: Yeah, tears of happiness. Dispatcher: Tears of loneliness. Tuesday, September 30, 12:55 […]

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Blank Screens

Since the invention of photography, art has been profoundly influenced by technology and the utopian rhetoric surrounding it: new machines will produce a new world, that sort of thing. In the “Electronic Immersions” exhibit at the Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago video pioneer Dan Sandin, who in the early 70s invented the Image Processor, an early […]

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As You Like It

AS YOU LIKE IT, Goodman Theatre. In Shakespeare’s comedy a forest is the neutral playground for the romantic encounters that eventually bind exiled lovers Rosalind and Orlando. In this shelter for simplicity and innocence, artificial privilege defers to natural merit. Michael Maggio’s bumpy Goodman Theatre revival transplants the corrupt ducal court to our citified east […]

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Maurizio Pollini

MAURIZIO POLLINI Maurizio Pollini has been criticized for the Olympian aloofness of his interpretations and his keyboard style. It’s true he’s no Arthur Rubinstein, who was wont to treat Chopin works as tearjerkers. Nor is he like Alfred Brendel, whose elegant mannerisms sometimes turn mawkish. He’s probably closest to that other eccentric of the keyboard, […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: When are people like Mary Banecker from Planned Parenthood going to fess up on the best birth-control option available to women: the fertility-awareness method! It’s not the rhythm method and isn’t just for Catholics. It is an empowering tool which provides women and their boy toys with the info they need, including when […]