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Serious Fun

Funny Pictures at Ten in One Gallery, through December 20 Keith Carter at Catherine Edelman Gallery, through December 23 By Fred Camper The peekaboo, “look at me” quality of Jeff Burton’s Untitled (Panda) is echoed in the work of the other nine photographers in “Funny Pictures” as well. Burton snapped four views of a giant […]

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Keep It Short

donalek.qxd Dear Editor, I read with much interest the recent Reader article about IVI-IPO [“Fighting Over Scraps,” November 7]. As a past IVI-IPO board member (’96-’97 operational year) I was present at most of the meetings described by Mr. Felshman. I tried to find the section in the article that explained the issue, and I […]

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The Great Nebula in Orion and Ludlow Fair

The Great Nebula in Orion and Ludlow Fair, TinFish Theatre. Lanford Wilson is a director’s playwright, the kind of dramatist whose works cry out for interpretation. He supplies the dialogue and basic structure, and the director is responsible for infusing Wilson’s bare-bones script with vitality. Striking a balance between underdevelopment and overdevelopment is a challenge–especially […]

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Willie Pickens Quintet

WILLIE PICKENS QUINTET Willie Pickens’s long-term engagement as the pianist in Elvin Jones’s Jazz Machine gave listeners around the world a taste of his burly chords and spiky, spinning solo lines, which for years bore the unmistakable stamp of McCoy Tyner–and that may be what attracted Jones, who played with Tyner in John Coltrane’s quartet, […]

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Making a Scene

mottet.qxd To the Editors: If Peter Margasak doesn’t like the latest spinners from the Riptones and the Mighty Blue Kings [Post No Bills, December 5], that’s OK by me. Does he have to entirely bulldoze “Chicago’s small rockabilly scene”(which packs the Deja Vu shoulder to shoulder every month with the Big C Jamboree) in the […]

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Holiday Spin

HOLIDAY SPIN, Theatre BAM, at Voltaire. It’s hard to imagine that the folks who brought us the stage version of Schoolhouse Rock would actually follow up that evening’s worth of songs about grammar and math with a show even sweeter and shallower. But that’s what they’ve done in Holiday Spin, the silly, utterly forgettable, but […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In November Paul Z. Singer, head of Singer Financial Corporation in Philadelphia, was sentenced to nine months in prison for a one-night vandalism spree in 1996. Singer claimed tension from business pressures caused him to load cans of spray paint into a backpack and take off in his BMW. When he was arrested, […]

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Private Lives

PRIVATE LIVES, Writers’ Theatre Chicago. Noel Coward based his flawless 1930 script on more than just a road map of the heart. As Michael Halberstam’s adept staging artfully reveals, Private Lives continually transforms one fascinating tension into another in this tale of two ill-matched couples honeymooning in Deauville. Amanda and Elyot, embodying wealthy eccentricity and […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: My girlfriend is a survivor of repeated sexual abuse. As a result she suffered from severe depression, masochism, an eating disorder, and frigidity. After many years of therapy, she is a brand-new person–strong, self-confident, happy, and finally able to truly commit to emotional intimacy. There’s just one problem: she still won’t have sex. […]