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Calendar/Days of the Week

Friday 12/26 – Thursday 1/8 DECEMBER By Cara Jepsen 26 FRIDAY It took more than a century to build Washington’s National Cathedral, the sixth largest in the world. Two of its most notable features are windows: a rose window made of 10,500 pieces of glass depicting the theme “Let there be light,” and another window […]

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Star Power

Hall of Mirrors: Art and Film Since 1945 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through January 25 By Fred Camper There’s a slight problem with the big “Art and Film” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art: there isn’t really any film in it. Oh, there are clips on video (which often reduce a feature […]

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Syd, the Karaoke Kid

There are no second acts in America, F. Scott Fitzgerald once said. Syd Arthur, comedian John Kapelos’s fictional alter ego, sets out to prove Fitzgerald wrong in a musical one-man tribute to himself. But as this rock ‘n’ roll wunderkind turned empty, middle-aged millionaire performs his evening’s worth of career hits karaoke-style, he proves that […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Allegheny High School in Clifton Forge, Virginia, which is 17 percent black, suspended two boys and a girl (all white) who wore Ku Klux Klan outfits to school as their Halloween costumes this year. However, in Saybrook, Illinois, the Lions Club awarded its prize for best Halloween costume to Virginia Payne, 14, who […]

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First Friday Film

This strong program of witty films and videos, all but one by Chicagoans, is part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s upcoming “First Fridays” social event. In Jerrys (1976), a portrait of a local deli, Tom Palazzolo’s handheld camera and jagged editing capture the proprietor’s raw energy. Ines Sommer’s The Fetishism of Commodities and the […]

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Service Revolvers

The V-Disc Recordings At the end of the American century, with arts funding on the wane and privatization schemes snaking through Congress, it’s hard to believe that some 50 years ago the U.S. government was running one of the country’s best record labels. But in June of 1942, as America grappled with the reality of […]

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Green Mill All-Stars Reunion

GREEN MILL ALL-STARS REUNION It’s a long-standing music-business tradition that most steady jazz gigs run Tuesday through the weekend–which leaves the players free on Monday nights. When the Green Mill opened up as a jazz room nearly 12 years ago, owner Dave Jemilo took advantage of that fact to assemble a Monday-night quintet under the […]

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Souled American

SOULED AMERICAN It’s been a busy year for Chicago’s Souled American: they released their sixth and most distinctive album, Notes Campfire (Moll), toured Germany, and played in their hometown three times–and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, it was for Souled American, who’ve been practically invisible here for most of the decade. The ascent […]