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CUBE Headed by academics, the new-music consortium Cube can’t shake the urge to educate us. Most of its concerts are eruditely organized around a theme; its latest, “The Rise of the American Music Identity,” explores European influences on American art music in the first half of the century. It’s hardly a new topic, but one […]

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The Straight Dope

I’m one very disgruntled and estranged member of the Catholic church–so disgruntled, in fact, that I really don’t want to be counted as a member. How can I get excommunicated? I assume it’s not as simple as writing a letter (though this probably only means the church is more bureaucratic than most mail-order CD clubs). […]

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The Codes

The Codes Wojciech Has directed this 1966 Polish film in which a father’s search for a son arrested in 1944 becomes a moving meditation on the irreversibility of time and the impossibility of fully knowing the past. Tadeusz has lived in England since before World War II while his wife and two sons remained in […]

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Mark Naftalin

Mark Naftalin It’s hard to believe that musicians like Mark Naftalin, who personified the youthful embrace of blues and R & B by white musicians and audiences in the 60s, are now approaching elder statesman status themselves. Naftalin, a Minneapolis-born keyboardist whose early influences included such Chicago masters as Big Maceo, Otis Spann, and Sunnyland […]

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Days of the Week

Friday 1/16 – Thursday 1/22 JANUARY By Cara Jepsen 16 FRIDAY Last week as I was bemoaning my lack of resources, my father took it as his cue to suggest–again–that I get a real job. Author Jan Phillips says that rather than surrounding themselves with naysayers, writers and off-the-beaten-path types should hang around people who […]

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Field & Street

In 1934 Roger Tory Peterson was turned down by nine publishers before Houghton Mifflin accepted his tiny field guide to the birds of eastern North America. A Field Guide to the Birds was oriented exclusively toward an audience interested in field identification, and nobody knew if that audience was large enough to support even one […]

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I Am Yours

I AM YOURS, Great Jones Theatre Company, at American Theater Company. In Judith Thompson’s lyrical, fragmentary I Am Yours, a woman’s one-night stand with her building superintendent sets off a chain of increasingly implausible events involving Dee, Dee’s sex-starved sister, her hapless husband, the love-struck super, and his mom. Throughout this two-act meditation on loss, […]

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Wilde at Heart

The Importance of Being Earnest Fabulous Monsters at Bailiwick Repertory By Albert Williams A would-be heckler was turned away from the triumphant premiere of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, on Valentine’s Day 1895, before he could make a scene. He was the Marquess of Queensberry, outraged that Wilde was having an affair with […]

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Mind Games

By Daniel Sullivan Bored out of my mind from stuffing envelopes eight hours a day, I started poring over the classifieds. One ad caught my eye. Earn $10/hr. receiving incoming calls in your own home! Make your own hours. If you are a people person and like giving advice, call… I called. A recording announced […]