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Strife After Death/ Scooped!

By Michael Miner Strife After Death A year ago the distraught family of Nancy Jean Marback tried to announce her death in the Chicago Tribune. But the Tribune objected to the language the family submitted. Instead of “Timothy (Steven)” to identify a surviving son, the Tribune suggested either “Timothy (Life Partner Steven)” or “Timothy (Companion […]

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Everyday Icons

Ellie Wallace at Artemisia, through January 31 Nicole Hollander at Artemisia, through January 31 By Fred Camper Though these two shows by Chicago women in adjacent rooms of the same gallery have plenty in common, in one way they couldn’t be more different. Both artists focus on ordinary objects–a spool of thread, a loaf of […]

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Spot Check

MUSTACHE 1/23, LOUNGE AX All right, all you hardwood-floor-livin’, Uncle Tupelo-worshipin’, back-porch-herb-gardenin’, Austin-goin’ kiddies, git yer asses downstairs and meet your beer-belly displayin’, rebel-yellin’, Molly Hatchet-listenin’, Chevy-baptizin’ redneck neighbors who ain’t gonna pay a lot for this tattoo. On Mustache’s self-titled live album (on Beluga), recorded in front of what sounds like a stadium crowd […]

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Jack of Dover and Power Lunch

JACK OF DOVER and POWER LUNCH, Wing & Groove Theatre Company, at Voltaire. These two one-acts–both directed by Andrew Gall and both focusing on people sitting at tables talking–couldn’t be more different in style, theme, approach, or outcome. Alan Ball’s Power Lunch is a witty absurdist take on gender differences and the mating dance, while […]

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From the pages of Giant Robot ¥ Number 8 (PO Box 2053, Los Angeles, CA 90064; $4) Excerpts from: Love, Life, and Sumo The largest athlete in the world, Emanuel Yarbrough takes on all comers. If you have a problem, a question, or need some advice, Emanuel is the fix-it man. He’s appeared in strongman […]