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Perfectly Puzzling

The Killer A Red Orchid Theatre By Nick Green “There’s nothing more real than a mirage,” comments Berenger, the everyman in Eugene Ionesco’s 1958 farce about the absurdity of life in the face of inescapable death. Berenger’s proposition is ridiculous, of course, but he looks upon the world with naive, idealistic eyes. He hasn’t yet […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I’m a married male in my late 20s. My wife fulfills me in every way except the sexual department. She is just not as adventurous as I am. Not too long ago I realized that the personal ads have a lot to offer an adventurous person like me. I’ve seen ads from couples […]

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Oh, Pairs!

Ladylike Performance Festival at Link’s Hall, February 20-22 By Carol Burbank What’s in a gender? The answer lies not in our genes, or even in the stars, but in the mating rituals we prefer. And these erotic, comic dances have everything to do with the stories surrounding our heroic personas–the epic selves striding or simpering […]

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Sears Theater Fever

Sears Theater Fever Sears, Roebuck and Company, once famous for its catalogs, has underwritten this living catalog of off-Loop theater. Organized by the League of Chicago Theatres, Sears Theater Fever is a weeklong showcase on city and suburban stages designed to energize current lovers of theater and recruit new ones. Kicking off the promotional event […]

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Time-Lapse Radio

august.qxd As one of the “feisty regulars” quoted in the February 20 article about the WBEZ Web page [Hot Type], I’d like to comment on station manager Torey Malatia’s defense of what I think is an effort to melt down Chicago public radio into the rest of a vast broadcasting wasteland. His dismissal of the […]

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Spot Check

BOND 2/27, DOUBLE DOOR The version of Bond’s first single, “Nothing Fits (Fictitious Circle),” that’s set to appear on its forthcoming Sony debut is a mildly catchy bit of metal, with lyrics sure to inflame the self-righteousness of oppressed suburban boys everywhere. But that’s not enough anymore, so the CD single also includes hasty-sounding remixes […]

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Contemporary Chamber Players

CONTEMPORARY CHAMBER PLAYERS The Contemporary Chamber Players, one of the country’s oldest advocates of new music, is at a crossroads for the second time in four years. The audience for the type of academic art music that dominates its programming is dwindling, and the University of Chicago’s music faculty, which oversees its operations, hasn’t taken […]

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From the pages of Guinea Pig Zero, A Journal for Human Research Subjects ¥ Number 5 (PO Box 42531, Philadelphia, PA 19101; $3) Excerpts from: Awake With a Vengeance By Donno Last fall, while trying to figure out how I was going to scrape together the money to fly to England for my brother’s wedding, […]

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Bob Berg

BOB BERG When tenor saxist Michael Brecker left Horace Silver’s band in 1974, his replacement was Bob Berg, and you really can’t beat that for symbolism. Brecker’s huge metallic sound, piston-driven technique, ground-zero intensity, and enduring fascination with harmonic permutations inspired by the middle period of John Coltrane’s career now constitute the template for an […]

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Volume on Volume

The Collector’s Guide to Heavy Metal By Martin Popoff (Collector’s Guide Publishing) How many times has this happened to you? You’re sitting in your cubicle, slogging away as usual, when suddenly the woman across the aisle leans over and says something like: “Hey, you know what? I just picked up that last Carcass LP, Wake […]