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The Knowledge of Healing

The Knowledge of Healing A nun who’s been tortured describes her injuries, and Tenzin Choedrak, physician to the Dalai Lama, counsels her on the importance of achieving a restful state of mind about the experience. The Dalai Lama himself speaks about the connection between the spiritual and the medical in this 1996 documentary about Tibetan […]

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Wailing Sirens

Nashville Pussy at Metro, May 9 By Monica Kendrick After former Plasmatics front woman Wendy O. Williams committed suicide last month, leaving behind a brief, lucid note describing the sense of calm the decision had given her, friends commented that she had been depressed, feeling that she was “past her peak.” It’s a risk you […]

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Life and Nothing More

Life and Nothing More Known less accurately as And Life Goes On… (to distinguish it from Bertrand Tavernier’s Life and Nothing But), this 1992 masterpiece by Abbas Kiarostami uses nonprofessional actors to restage real events. Accompanied by his little boy, a film director from Tehran drives into the mountainous region of northern Iran, recently devastated […]

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The Love Talker

The Love Talker, Living Theatre Company, at Live Bait Theater. The myth of the actor who becomes irretrievably lost in his role often makes young players leery of immersing themselves in aberrant parts. That’s a problem with The Love Talker, Deborah Pryor’s Appalachian gothic tale of a straitlaced spinster who duels with a seductive witch-boy […]

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Sin in the New Religion

SIN IN THE NEW RELIGION, Ironwood Theatre Project, at the Chopin Theatre. I don’t know how long Ironwood Theatre cofounder Hadwin Kingsley has been writing, but judging by this, his latest effort, I wouldn’t think very long. Sin in the New Religion features a slow-moving story, dialogue that’s labored and cliched, and dramatic moments that […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In April Ernesto A. Moshe Montgomery consecrated the Shrine of the Weeping Shirley MacLaine at Beta Israel Temple in Los Angeles, reported the Los Angeles Times. Montgomery said a large photograph of him with MacLaine had been “observed shedding tears,” inspiring prayers and testimony of miraculous healings; he also claimed he was moved […]

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Jumpin’ the Broom

Jumpin’ the Broom, ETA Creative Arts Foundation. Darlette E. McAlpin’s second play appears to have been taken out of the oven before it was altogether cooked. Another rewrite or two might have smoothed over its abrupt narrative turns, broken up its long expository speeches, and excised its frequent redundancies. In the script’s current incarnation, it’s […]

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The Soldier’s Tale

The Soldier’s Tale Steppenwolf Theatre’s “Traffic” series, which brings together artists from the disciplines of theater, music, dance, and literature, is an obvious forum for Igor Stravinsky’s 1918 modernist landmark L’histoire du soldat, which gives the roles of orchestra and actors equal weight. But this one-night performance of Stravinsky’s astringent score is paired not with […]

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Local Record Roundup

Local Record Roundup CHESTNUT STATION Chestnut Station (Drag City). Although Chestnut Station’s sporadic live gigs feature a shifting cast of support musicians, the two who really make its five-song debut are vocalists Rian Murphy and Dave Marr, who, along with USA’s Gene Booth, used to be Mantis, a gawky late-80s band more heard about than […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I want to ask you to please NOT PRINT this letter. Help me out here, seriously. I’m a straight male who’s been told I should be a model. When I look through magazines, judging from other so-called models, I don’t think I’d have any problems. Thing is, I desperately want to pose nude–that’s […]