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Going Up

Going Up, LeTraunik Productions, at TurnAround Theatre. Not so long ago, most white male adolescents aspired to play the guitar, the better to express their thoughts and feelings–for males were allowed to be introspective, even sensitive, in those days. Some have continued into adulthood–like the Green brothers, John and Rich, who open John’s musical memoir […]

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Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son

Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son Ken Jacobs’s rarely screened 1969 landmark of the American avant-garde is both a study in the dreamlike possibilities of rephotography and a film about watching movies. It begins with a 1905 short of the same title, a bizarre little narrative in which a large crowd tumbles through a doorway, leaps […]

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Reader to Reader

I was mugged. All of a sudden, this five-foot-two chick was taking my wallet. Later, I couldn’t even tell the police what she had been wearing, but I remembered her voice, so deep and strange, sort of artificial. Or maybe it was my ears–my hearing may have been thrown off by the circumstances. I tried […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I’m a straight, middle-aged woman, still out there in the dating jungle. Sitting in a movie theater recently on a first date with a single, straight, middle-aged man, I was presented with his observation that a lot of formerly straight women come out as lesbians in middle age. His theory for this alleged […]

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Ire Land

X at Guinness Fleadh, Arlington International Racecourse, June 20 By J.R. Jones The VH-1 Stage didn’t look inviting. A square, open tent about a hundred feet on each side, it was divided in half by a chain-link fence; behind the fence stood the stage, flanked by wide banks of speakers that cut off one’s view […]

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SCHRAMMS The low-key charms of the Schramms owe a lot to the somber grad-student mien of front man Dave Schramm–his unadorned stage presence proves that sometimes the most charismatic pose you can strike is no pose at all. As an early member of Yo La Tengo and an effective sideman for people like Freedy Johnston, […]

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Patricia Barber

PATRICIA BARBER As she turns more of her attention to songwriting (both music and lyrics), regional treasure Patricia Barber uncovers new facets of her art–no easy feat when you consider the deep, dark dazzle that’s marked her performances and recordings in the 90s. Barber can rebuild and inhabit virtually any tune she tackles, spinning steel-lace […]

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Sports Section

For one brief moment, my thoughts and Michael Jordan’s were remarkably similar, though he later expressed them much more preciously than I ever would. There were 1.1 seconds to go in game five of the NBA finals at the United Center. The Utah Jazz were leading 83-81, but after a time-out the Bulls had the […]

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George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

GEORGE GRUNTZ CONCERT JAZZ BAND Swiss pianist George Gruntz has chosen the Ellingtonian model for his sleek but blustery big band, and his success reminds you how few bands exploit that model today. Throughout jazz history most large ensembles have succeeded either by presenting exciting and innovative writing or by collecting enough star soloists to […]

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Regina Carter

REGINA CARTER Regina Carter offers the perfect blend of beauty and brains–and how often can a guy make that statement without being labeled sexist? I offer the description in specific relation to Carter’s violin work, which glistens with conservatory tone but bristles with sharp, pungent logic. Other jazz fiddlers have plied their improvisations with tough […]