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Nunsense III

NUNSENSE III: The Jamboree, DreamStreet Theatre & Cabaret, at the Ivanhoe Theater. With Late Nite Catechism already in place, the arrival of Nunsense III makes the Ivanhoe Theater Chicago’s mecca for feel-good Catholic nostalgia mongering. Continuing the saga of the stagestruck sisters, the third and final installment in Dan Goggin’s story celebrates Sister Amnesia’s return […]

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Calendar/ Days of the Week

Friday 7/17 – Thursday 7/23 JULY By Cara Jepsen 17 FRIDAY When U.S.-supported President Suharto held sway in Indonesia, our government avoided criticizing that nation’s human-rights record and its long-term occupation of East Timor. But since he stepped down Washington has taken a tougher stance on reported abuses there. Despite the pressure, Suharto protege B.J. […]

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Largo Desolato and Protest

LARGO DESOLATO and PROTEST, TinFish Theatre. “Sterility and intrigues, intrigues and sterility,” sighs a character in Protest, summing up the bleak theme of both these Vaclav Havel one-acts, being staged in a single evening by TinFish. Like many of his early plays, the 1979 Protest and the 1984 Largo Desolato reflect the morally debilitating effects […]

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Right to the Source

Play On! Goodman Theatre “If music be the food of love, play on,” moans Duke Orsino in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. “Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, / The appetite may sicken, and so die.” There’s music galore in Play On!, Sheldon Epps’s reworking of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy–20-some songs by the great jazz composer Duke […]

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Field & Street

This is a great year for raspberries. The little patch in our backyard is producing a dessert every night, and out in the woods the canes in the bramble thickets are heavy with fruit. I make plans for our backyard berries, plans for raspberry tarts and for berries dressed with sweetened yogurt drained of its […]

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Notes on Kimler

drane.qxd Regarding your June 26 cover story: 1. Spending $20,000 on a Wesley Kimler painting is nature’s way of letting you know you’re making too much money. 2. When Wesley went on the wagon, liquor stocks dropped by an average of 66 points. 3. There is an anagram of Kimler’s name that aptly sums up […]

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Must Be Nice

harvey.qxd Dear editor: Mr. Kimler gained the mark with many of his observations [June 26]. Among those I found compelling were the issues of ageism and the curatorial establishment’s exclusionary investment in and perpetuation of the “movements” it engenders. Interestingly, Mr. Kimler’s distress and success demonstrate one enormously liberating verite–it proves nothing if you are […]

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Make Your Own Kind of Music

ReBirth RB-338 2.0 (Propellerhead Software/Steinberg) Every new trend in popular music brings a corresponding upswing in sales of the machines used to make it. What Brian Wilson did for Moogs and Nirvana did for Fender Mustangs the X-ecutioners are now doing for Technics SL-1200 turntables. And flattening the issue severely, Oval mainstay Markus Popp, who’s […]

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Limbic Fix

Limbic Fix Watching contact improvisation can feel like a guilty pleasure, like eavesdropping on a conversation in a bar or restaurant: you know you’re tuning in on an essentially private exchange, but you just can’t help yourself. It’s too interesting. Then, suddenly, it’s not: the energy flags, the talk slows to a fumbling, laconic muddle. […]

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Art of Edgar Miller

malkind.qxd Dear editor: In Ben Joravsky’s article “Old Man of the Projects” (Reader, July 3), 84-year-old ABLA resident Wilbur Farley talks about the “beautiful stone carvings of elephants and lions in the courtyard” put there when the complex was built to make it “look nice.” Now they are chipped and peeling, although I believe Mr. […]