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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a breeder woman, and I never had anal intercourse until I was with my current lover. While he is gentle, I don’t get orgasms from this experience. It was my understanding that anal sex for men is great because it stimulates the prostate gland, but I have never heard of any […]

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Comedysportz and Blind Date

COMEDYSPORTZ and BLIND DATE, at the TurnAround Theatre. The competitive ComedySportz is not a show for improv purists: the audiences are too noisy, the pace is too fast, and the players sacrifice much of what’s loved about improv–cultural exploration, unintentional magic, the surprise of self-discovery–for the sake of keeping things moving. But for anyone who […]

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Baaba Maal

BAABA MAAL African pop has absorbed countless outside influences, but one element that has never mixed well, despite many attempts, is American cash. Senegal’s Baaba Maal is among the most sophisticated stylistic blenders, and with every new album he ventures out further to bring in new sounds. Yet unlike so many crossover hopefuls who lose […]

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Spot Check

OMINOUS SEAPODS 7/18, SCHUBAS I’m not impressed by this east-coast nouveau jam band’s claim to a national grassroots following–thousands of orphaned Jerry fans can indeed be wrong. But I am somewhat wowed by the tightness and efficiency on its live album, Matinee Idols (Hydrophonics). There are actual songs here, long though they may be, and […]

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Paul Vallas Responds

vallas.qxd To the editor: Your June 5 article “Missing the Bus” managed to miss the point of our recent action to reduce busing costs. In focusing on the “chaos” in people’s lives because their children would start school an hour earlier or 30 minutes later and on the supposed dictatorial nature of the decision, you […]

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Bailiwick Directors’ Festival

Bailiwick Directors’ Festival Bailiwick Repertory’s 10th annual showcase of directorial projects features one-acts ranging from established classical and contemporary selections to untested material. This year’s edition, in which three different plays are presented each evening, finds 18 directors chosen from “numerous applicants . . . identified only by their social security numbers, not names, so […]

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Touch Me Not

Touch Me Not Gerardo de Leon’s 1961 historical drama, set in the Philippines during the final days of Spanish rule, burns with the kind of emotional urgency that characterizes The Birth of a Nation, as the scion of a wealthy family returns from his studies in Madrid to find his hometown on the verge of […]

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Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, ETA Creative Arts Foundation. Okoro Harold Johnson’s Don’t Get Around Much Anymore combines storytelling, music, dance, verse ballads, and design images to produce an intimate look at the roots of the Bronzeville tradition (also depicted in ETA’s 1994 Stepper’s Ball) during the south side’s glittering heyday. The show, which Johnson […]

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Growing Up in Public

Lilly Abby Schachner at Live Bait Theater, through August 2 At the top of her newest one-woman show Abby Schachner, playing a very neurotic “performance therapist,” observes that we’re living “in the golden age of one-person shows.” Then, speaking directly to the audience, she asks, “Why don’t you all, who have real lives, do one […]

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Caught in the Net

Captured at -godfree/debap.html Baptism Removal Service Courtesy of the Humanist Association of Canada Reverse an old mistake! Sever your ties to religion completely! You have a choice of two tastefully styled baptism removal certificates. Either of the two instantly removes not only your baptism, but the effects of any and all religious rituals which […]

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The House of Yes

The House Of Yes, Wing & Groove Theatre Company, at Profiles Theatre. Wendy MacLeod’s ghoulish little satire has been billed as a “suburban Jacobean play”–a catchy label, but The House of Yes seems more a rewrite of The Homecoming, a macabre exaggeration of Pinter’s tale of a woman who goes home to meet her husband’s […]

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Jack Logan

JACK LOGAN Jack Logan had recorded some 600 songs with his drinking buddies in a suburban Atlanta garage before R.E.M.’s Peter Buck recommended him to the Minneapolis label Medium Cool, which released nearly 80 of his tunes on a pair of albums in 1994 and 1996. Logan and his songwriting partner Kelly Keneipp added pop […]