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The first time I saw Kerry Wood pitch in person, the thing that made my jaw drop wasn’t his fastball. Wood has an erect, deceptively easy motion, and the ball leaves his hand like a living thing. Yet many young pitchers have fastballs that top out on the radar gun near 100 miles an hour. […]

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Tiff and Mom and the Our Lady of Berwyn Cardioplexoflex Fund-raiser Freshman Formal

TIFF AND MOM AND THE OUR LADY OF BERWYN CARDIOPLEXOFLEX FUND-RAISER FRESHMAN FORMAL, Corn Productions, at Sweet Corn Playhouse. Rife with terrible running jokes, outlandish names (Dr. VonSchtuckinapetriedish), fatty wisecracks, and the groaner gags that killed vaudeville, the Tiff and Mom series keeps merrily mutating, secure in its cult niche as the silliest show on […]

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Spot Check

BLUE OYSTER CULT 8/7, NAVY PIER I went out and bought Secret Treaties, Agents of Fortune, and Tyranny and Mutation–on CD this time–to see just how glorious these smart-ass Long Islanders’ glory days had actually been. Turns out I was a lot smarter in junior high than I remember. BOC’s catchy, intricate hard rock still […]