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Days of the Week

Friday 9/18 – Thursday 9/24 SEPTEMBER By Cara Jepsen 18 FRIDAY How many takes does it take to incite a film crew to mutiny? Filmmaker William Greaves attempted to find out when he shot the scene of a marital breakup over and over again in Central Park for his 1968 film Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One. The […]

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Crossover Hit

Educating Rita Laboratory Theatre at the Athenaeum Theatre By Jack Helbig Nothing illustrates whites’ state of denial about race better than various attempts over the years to produce “black” versions of plays written for white actors. These colorized versions of Hello, Dolly! or The Odd Couple soothe white audiences by promoting the simpleminded belief that […]

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DonByron & Existential Dred

DON BYRON & EXISTENTIAL DRED Marketing executives have a tough time selling a guy like clarinetist-composer Don Byron–a musician who’ll follow an interest even if it means he has to crash across generational, ethnic, and political boundaries to do it. Just since 1992 he’s managed to explore the music of klezmer joker Mickey Katz; front […]

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Hellcab Will Kern’s dark comedy, about a day in the life of a poor, beleaguered Chicago cabdriver, is so strong and real it can withstand any spin a director or cast puts on it. You want it real dark? It works. You want it funny? It works then too. You want it light and dark? […]

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Nijinksy–Death of a Faun

NIJINSKY–DEATH OF A FAUN, Attic Playhouse. The mad scenes in David Pownall’s powerful play are the perfect showcase for Scott Shallenbarger’s committed performance, detailing the bitter aftermath of a stellar career. He plays Vaslav Nijinsky, former “god of the dance” and pioneer of Petrushka and The Afternoon of a Faun, consigned to a Swiss sanatorium […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories About 25 employees of the Boston Public Library had to use the city’s grief-counseling services in August after a burst water main flooded a building and soaked 50,000 cartons of books. Said a library executive in the Boston Globe, “It’s a process just like when someone dies.” One employee complained of recurring nightmares […]

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Jerry’s Girls

JERRY’S GIRLS, Drury Lane Theatre Evergreen Park. The packaging is as perfect as the product. Director-choreographer Marc Robin has pooled the perfections of four world-class Chicago divas: E. Faye Butler, Barbara E. Robertson, Kathy Santen, and Paula Scrofano. The result is a wry review of the musical marvels of songsmith Jerry Herman, creator of Mame […]

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Out of the Shadows

Touch of Evil Rating **** Masterpiece Directed by Orson Welles Written by Welles With Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Welles, Joseph Calleia, Akim Tamiroff, and Marlene Dietrich. By Fred Camper Touch of Evil was released by Universal in 1958 on the bottom half of a double bill, in a version butchered by the studio over Welles’s […]

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Taste of the Polish Film Festival

Taste of the Polish Film Festival Chicago’s Polish Film Festival takes place in early November, but the festival organizers are prefacing it with Taste of the Polish Film Festival, a program of contemporary and classic Polish films running from Saturday, September 19, through Sunday, September 27. All screenings will be at the Copernicus Center, 5216 […]