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Waiting For Godot and Rockaby

WAITING FOR GODOT and ROCKABY, Remy Bumppo Productions, at Victory Gardens Theater. Because Beckett’s masterwork reduces human hopes to deadening habit, relentless repetition, and selective amnesia, Waiting for Godot can teeter on the brink of tedium. Given the wrong chemistry–as in James Bohnen’s coarse, half-baked staging–it even loses its capacity to console. We should at […]

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The Threepenny Opera

The Threepenny Opera, American Theater Company, and Happy End, European Repertory Company. “Even Brecht wrote musicals,” says a character in Paul Rudnick’s comedy Jeffrey. And so he did–with a lot of help from his secretary Elisabeth Hauptmann and composer Kurt Weill. Bertolt Brecht–the German playwright famed for emphasizing intellectual engagement over emotional appeal–knew that sinuous […]

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Brushes With Greatness

The Edwardian Mysteries (a Phantasmagoria) Mystery Caravan at the Performance Loft, Second Unitarian Church of Chicago By Carol Burbank In the years I’ve been attending interactive theater pieces, I’ve never experienced anything quite so brilliant, eccentric, and challenging as The Edwardian Mysteries (a Phantasmagoria): this interactive possession ritual explores spirituality with a smart-ass wit and […]

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The Windy City International Documentary Festival

The Windy City International Documentary Festival The Windy City International Documentary Festival, presented by Columbia College and the International Documentary Association, continues Saturday and Sunday, September 26 and 27, at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington. All screenings are free. For more information call 312-344-7773. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 Family Values: An American Tragedy Pam […]

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Art Farmer

ART FARMER Trumpeter Art Farmer has played such smart and satisfying solos for so many years now–he first recorded in 1949–that you have to wonder why his name doesn’t leap to more people’s lips. For one answer, you could look to a series of romantic recordings Farmer cut with strings and jazz orchestras in the […]

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PHOTEK When Photek–the most frequent nom de computer of reclusive London drum ‘n’ bass phenom Rupert Parkes–released the EP The Hidden Camera in the summer of 1996, it set a new high-water mark for the rapidly expanding dance genre. Although Parkes sampled individual beats, he conceived and programmed every one of its dizzyingly complex rhythms. […]

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Team Player

Team Player By Dave Hoekstra Yosh Kawano’s trademark is his floppy white sailor’s hat, which bobs around the Cubs’ blue-capped dugout like a gull at sea. “When you come up,” says Mark Grace, “everybody already knows Yosh. Yosh is the king of Wrigley Field. Anything that happens in this clubhouse has to go through him.” […]

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City File

“When you add it all up, what you get is a picture of [a future] Chicago with no poor people between 67th St. and Evanston, and between Interstate 90 and 94 on the west and the lakefront on the east,” says Adolph Reed, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in Chicago Ink […]

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Gipsy Magic

Gipsy Magic This 1997 Macedonian film about a Gypsy family in the war-torn Balkans draws most of its power from a narrative that shifts abruptly from bloody fighting to black comedy, mimicking a culture defined by turmoil. The family patriarch, caught in a blood feud with another family, comes up with a unique moneymaking scheme: […]