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Room for an Inn

johnson.qxd Dear folks, Two quotes in the “Land Sharks” article in your Neighborhood News section [September 4] caught my eye. The first was from John Seo: “I want to run it as an affordable hotel. Maybe charge $90 a night. I figure it will be a success because there’s a big need for affordable rooms […]

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Straight as a Line

Straight as a Line, Goodman Theatre Studio. What’s most impressive about Luis Alfaro’s portrayal of a gay man battling with HIV is the playwright’s subtle touch. Alfaro chooses his words–and his battles–carefully. Eschewing the unfortunate soapbox moralizing that generally accompanies this sort of politically charged topic, he concentrates instead on the young man’s often antagonistic […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a female who developed an extremely close friendship with a man. I knew this man was having an affair with a woman who was not his wife, even though he had a child. I was only interested in this man as a friend, and a friendship quickly flourished. You know what […]

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Birth of a Nation

Birth of a Nation Jonas Mekas’s 1997 film of the experimental scene takes its name from D.W. Griffith’s landmark feature because, as Mekas puts it, the independent movement is “a nation in itself,” one that offers an alternative to the industry Griffith helped found. The chief luminaries are here, from Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs, and […]

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Liz Phair Wears No Clothes

kondorf.qxd [Re: Rock, Etc, September 11] Dear Reader, Poor Liz Phair–all anyone in the press can talk about is the fact that she and her husband made a kid. I understand that women, with a little help, are mostly capable of this even today. It’s nice that she can afford an expensive enough publicist to […]

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Subterranean’s Blues

For a bar owner, one citizen complaining about noise or street pollution can lead to a nightmare of tickets, conferences, and court dates. After a summer of dealing with the liquor control commission, Robert Gomez feels like he’s been through a trial more alienating than any Kafka could have dreamed up. Gomez is a partner […]

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Sports Section

It is the baseball season too good to end. Mark McGwire hits 70 home runs, splintering Roger Maris’s old record of 61. The Cubs’ Sammy Sosa adds 66 of his own, proving McGwire’s total wasn’t a fluke (or maybe just the opposite). Pitching phenom Kerry Wood strikes out 20 in a game and wins 13 […]

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Rob Blakeslee

ROB BLAKESLEE Trumpeter Rob Blakeslee sometimes seems like the Chet Baker of postfreedom jazz. Though he mixes it up in everything from moody late-60s-style progressive jazz to rigorously avant-garde melees–often alongside Los Angeles free-jazz guru Vinny Golia, in one of the reedman’s several ensembles–he always stays an extra step behind the horn, the same cool […]

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Fightin’ Words

Headline To the editor: I was troubled to read that in her review of the Bauhaus show [September 4] Monica Kendrick used the phrase “overheated theatrical fagginess” to describe Daniel Ash and Peter Murphy. As one who is often overheated, sometimes theatrical, but always a fag, it’s not so much Kendrick’s wordplay that’s bothersome as […]

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Spot Check

JULIANA HATFIELD 10/2, double door I’ve had it in for Juliana Hatfield since 1993, when a roommate put “My Sister” on infinite repeat for about a week. Hatfield’s awed squeaking about how cool said sibling was for taking her to an early Del Fuegos gig sounded more like the beginning of the end than any […]

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BLOQUE Rock-en-espa–ol bands are frequently noted for their eclectic approach–they tend to toss disparate styles together like Paul Prudhomme with an extra set of hands. The Colombian band Bloque isn’t averse to a few exotic spices, but it’s more coherent and focused than most of its peers. On Bloque, its forthcoming Luaka Bop debut, the […]

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Right About One Thing

smith3.qxd Born-again conservative Mr. Mark Gauvreau Judge was correct about one point in his “Turn to the Right” diatribe [September 25]: “Being a young radical leftist [is] hard work.” Especially when young radical leftists–the extant few–need to contend with people like himself, who were obviously never radical nor leftist in the first place but make […]

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East Texas Hot Links

East Texas Hot Links Dedicating this revival to the memory of James Byrd Jr., the Texas man who was dragged to his death by cracker racists, Ron O.J. Parson restages Onyx Theatre Ensemble’s pile-driving 1995 inaugural production. Playwright Eugene Lee sets his call to arms in Klan country—the piney woods of east Texas. It’s 1955, […]

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Louder Than Bombs

Sprung Barrie Cole at the Chopin Theatre, through October 17 By Carol Burbank Rage seems to be the common emotion of the last decades of the 20th century. Think of the LA riots, road rage, school-yard-shootings, handgun proliferation, and the brooding nods of therapists who help us express our anger constructively. Along with its sister, […]