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Babe: Pig in the City

Maybe it’s the fur and wagging tails, the bristle-boar attitude, but somehow you want to save this suicidal squealer from its kamikaze fate. A kids’ show and a sequel, a dog-and-pony promenade, three strikes and you’re out of there, but here’s the saving pitch: our piglet’s flight into the aching void, metaphors of loss and […]

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Good-bye to All That

As Chicago goes upscale, we experience periodic waves of nostalgia as one lowlife icon after another bites the dust. Or, more accurately, we experience them in the media. My own recollections of these places are somewhat less rosy. First, there was Maxwell Street, whose motto was “cheat you fair,” which I took to mean that […]

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Writers on the Wall

Jeanne Hilary at Lallak + Tom and Agnes B., through December 19 Abelardo Morell at Catherine Edelman, through December 30 By Stephen Longmire Traditionally both photographers and writers have been makers of books; indeed, photographers might be called the modern illuminators of manuscripts. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that many photographers have […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Entrepreneurs have recently introduced products designed to encourage cremation as an alternative to burial. Two Wisconsin women are selling pendants and blown-glass sculptures that display ashes in an attractive setting, and a South Korean man stumbled upon a way to treat ashes at extremely high temperatures so they can be molded into beads […]

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Homecoming ’79

HOMECOMING ’79, Metropolitan Productions, at Saint Joseph Elementary School. The phenomenal success of Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding has of course inspired a host of imitators, from the parodic Flanagan’s Wake to the pathetic Patsy’s Bridal Shower, all hoping to make their mark in the interactive-theater biz. Enter Homecoming ’79. Written and codirected by Tony ‘n’ […]

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She and He

A culture clash worthy of Samuel Fuller lies at the heart of Susumu Hani’s unsettling 1963 Japanese feature, in which a housewife repeatedly leaves her small, modern, antiseptic apartment to visit a nearby encampment of ragpickers. Among them she finds an old college friend of her husband’s who prefers his present life to a “respectable” […]

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Local Record Roundup

Local Record Roundup One of the most enduring and encouraging traits of Chicago’s music scene is its self-sufficiency. I didn’t consider this until after I’d picked out what I thought were the eight most noteworthy recent releases by local artists but only one of them is on a label that isn’t based here. Furthermore, from […]