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Love in the Catskills

LOVE IN THE CATSKILLS, Midwest Jewish Theater, at the Mayer Kaplan Jewish Community Center. The Catskills resorts in upstate New York loom large in the history of American entertainment. Singers, musicians, and comics all cut their teeth there, among them Mickey Katz, Woody Allen, Alan King, even Lenny Bruce. American pop culture of the 40s, […]

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TRG Music listings

Rock, Pop, etc. concerts ROB ANDERLIK hosts an in-store open mike. Monday, 8 PM, Borders Books & Music, 49 S. Waukegan, Deerfield. 847-559-1999. FRED ARMISEN Y SU MENSAJE DE CARACAS, BIG TIME SARAH & THE BTS EXPRESS “House of Friends” AIDS benefit. Sunday, 8 PM, Annoyance Theater, 3747 N. Clark. 773-509-6811. BLACK SABBATH, PANTERA, INCUBUS […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In November thousands of monks of the Chogye Buddhist order in Seoul began weeks of fighting each other with rocks, clubs, and firebombs over who will lead the group. In late December police finally stormed one of their temples, but the monks had welded the doors shut and pelted the cops with firebombs […]

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Postmodern Pitfalls

Concerning Truth at TBA Exhibition Space, through January 30; University of Illinois at Chicago Gallery 400, through January 23; School of the Art Institute of Chicago Exhibitions Studies Center, through January 31 By Fred Camper One of the finest exhibits I saw last year–at our nation’s oldest art museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut–consisted […]

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Narita: Heta Village

Narita: Heta Village From 1967 to 1974 Japanese documentarian Shinsuke Ogawa lived with the farmers of Sanrizuka, whose village was targeted for demolition to make room for Tokyo’s Narita airport. Supported by radical students, the farmers protested their eviction, and Ogawa joined in, recording both the long-term struggle and the everyday life of the village. […]

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Police Scanner

Tuesday, January 5, 11:05 PM Dispatcher: 2106. 2106: My computer says this call came in at 21:46. How come you waited an hour to give it to me? Unidentified Caller: She didn’t know if you could handle it. Unidentified Caller number two: Shut up, psycho. 2106: There some reason for that hour delay, squad? Dispatcher: […]

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Heavy Toll

Black Sabbath Reunion (Epic) By Jon Fine The problem is, you grow old. Your hair falls out, your ears go dead; if you’re not careful drink bloats your face and frame and speeds the breakdown of your internal architecture. And that’s just how it is for ordinary folk–so you can imagine how it’s been for […]

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Community Theater

The Psychopath Not Taken Second City The Revelation Will Not Be Televised Second City E.T.C. By Albert Williams “The point of this work or form is that it allows you and them and me to express what’s going on now [by] directly relating to our preoccupations and our audiences,” says Second City cofounder Bernie Sahlins […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a breeder male in my 30s, obese, mediocre endowment. My current relationship started when I met G, an older divorcee, on-line. We met at a get-together for chat-line acquaintances. Two months later we moved in together, and we’re still madly in love five years later. My problem is our sex life. […]