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Puppet on a String

The phone is no friend to Curt Kirkwood. Too often the tidings it bears are foul. He calls them “incomings from Tempe.” They go like this: Your brother’s wife overdosed this morning; she’s dead. Your brother got busted again last night, and he told the cops he was you. Your brother showed up at my […]

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CUBE Composer, flutist, and CUBE cofounder Janice Misurell-Mitchell had a breakthrough in 1991 with After the History, a ten-minute solo for flute and voice that combines her radical politics and restless virtuosity. A provocative piece of agitprop inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall, it updates the Schoenbergian speech-song to incorporate extended flute techniques […]

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The Straight Dope

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) has become the new, ugly epidemic in this country, but it’s not showing up in the headlines. What’s up with that? There are 3.5 million Americans chronically infected with HCV. At least 80 percent of the cases are blood borne. The experts seem uncertain about the origin of the other […]

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Maldita Vecindad

MALDITA VECINDAD Next to the recent invasion of savvy postmodern Latin rock bands like Bloque, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Aterciopelados, Mexico’s Maldita Vecindad sounds relatively scrappy. Even Mostros (BMG U.S. Latin), the band’s latest and most accomplished album, feels garagey by comparison. But Maldita Vecindad helped lay the tarmac those jet-setting synthesists landed on, forming […]

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Friday 1/22 – Thursday 1/28 JANUARY By Cara Jepsen 22 FRIDAY Jenny Perlin’s short film The Whole History of That documents her journey to the Czech town of Pribor, where her great-grandmother was born. “I finally found someone who recognized my great-grandmother’s maiden name,” she wrote in her notes. “Elated, I took the next tram […]

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By & About, G.B.S.

By & About, G.B.S., Them, at Strawdog Theatre. Sam Patterson’s muddled attempt to distill two decades’ worth of correspondence between playwright George Bernard Shaw and renowned actress Ellen Terry suffers most from his inability to keep the characters consistent–surprising given that the entire text of Wit and Moonlight: A Paper Courtship is taken verbatim from […]

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Naomi in the Living Room and the Problem

Naomi In the Living Room and The Problem, Laugh Den Productions, at Stage Left Theatre. Laugh Den Productions made a hopeful if flawed debut with last summer’s program of one-acts by resident playwright Steve Batterman (propitiously subtitled “The First Collection”). That makes their “second collection,” consisting of two early exercises by playwrights who went on […]

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Hamlet, StreetSigns, at Bailiwick Repertory. Artistic director Derek Goldman writes that one of the reasons StreetSigns is producing Hamlet is that company members “had never been as profoundly moved by seeing it as by reading it.” Weary of gizmo-laden Shakespeare productions, Goldman began his Hamlet “without a gimmick, with no visions of saunas, helicopters, futuristic […]

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Playing by Heart

Playing by Heart This charming romantic comedy with a Los Angeles setting cuts between seemingly unconnected miniplots the way some Robert Altman movies do. In the final scenes the connections become clear, but until then the links are strictly thematic, having to do with love of one kind or another. A distraught man (Dennis Quaid) […]

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Jo Jo Murray

JO JO MURRAY Chicago-based blues and R & B vocalist Jo Jo Murray has a great sound–a sweet and gritty tenor that he complements with his fluid, sharp-toned guitar playing. But few people have heard it, at least on record. Murray cut his first single, “Why Baby,” for the tiny Sound-O-Riffic label in 1971, and […]