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Aldo Abreu

Born in Caracas, the son of a harpsichordist who founded one of the first Baroque ensembles in Latin America, Aldo Abreu didn’t take up the recorder until his early teens. He liked its dulcet, hollow sound, but realized that most people didn’t consider it a serious instrument: it was too simple and old-fashioned, a folk […]

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Faithless Re-creation

Gloria Rating * Has redeeming facet Directed by Sidney Lumet Written by Steven Antin With Sharon Stone, Jean-Luke Figueroa, Jeremy Northam, Cathy Moriarty, Mike Starr, Bonnie Bedelia, and George C. Scott. By Jonathan Rosenbaum I don’t much relish remakes, especially of movies I like–I’ve avoided seeing the new Payback, a retooling of John Boorman’s Point […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories In his act as Zamora the Torture King, Tim Cridland thrusts skewers through his cheeks and neck, ingests swords and fire, jumps barefoot on broken bottles, and swallows a length of twine, which he removes from his stomach with a scalpel and forceps. In December Cridland told the Riverfront Times of Saint Louis […]

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Herb Stabler: Wandering Spirit

HERB STABLER: WANDERING SPIRIT, Factory Theater, at Footsteps Theatre Company. Mike Beyer was touched by genius when he came up with Herb Stabler–not the play but its main character. This loudmouthed, overcaffeinated, cocksure fuckup is the kind of guy who has all the right moves–you’d think he was destined for success. If only he weren’t […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: Every few months my girlfriend and I rent a porn video. We find this to be an exciting experience. Since we are each other’s only sex partners, our movie nights have provided us with sexual variety in a safe way. These videos have inspired a fantasy: making one ourselves. We’ve actually tried this […]

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Don Bennett Septet

DON BENNETT SEPTET For Chicago jazz pianist Don Bennett, every set is equal parts work and play, both an exercise in improvisational art and an onstage party. Bennett’s punchy rhythms stomp and swagger, and though his burly flamboyance remains his greatest strength, he’s also learned to value lacy swirls and a feather touch. He recorded […]

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Sports Section

“Losing it is as good as having it.” Robert Stone meditates on that theme in the Gatsby-esque closing to his recent novel, Damascus Gate. “It meant,” he writes, “that a thing is never truly perceived, appreciated or defined except in longing…and that everyone loses everything in the end.” It means, I think, that something cannot […]

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Expatriate Games

Between East and West Next Theatre Company By Adam Langer Assimilating into American society is never a simple proposition, but there must be few challenges greater than those confronted by foreign artists seeking to continue their careers here. The artist must adapt not only to a new language and new culture but to a completely […]

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The Insect Play

THE INSECT PLAY, Pendulum Theatre Company, at the Athenaeum Theatre. Karel Capek is chiefly known today for his play R.U.R. (in which he coined the word “robot”). But this 1921 satire by him and his brother Josef is also historically significant, eerily foreshadowing the Nazi aggression and the totalitarian governments that would ultimately destroy both […]

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Spot Check

8 BOLD SOULS 1/29, HOTHOUSE On some nights HotHouse’s new location in the South Loop suffers a few more chirping crickets than the club’s old high-profile Wicker Park spot, but last Friday when 8 Bold Souls played, every table was surrounded by people who looked pleased to be there. It’s heartening that this veteran jazz […]

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Brian Lynch

BRIAN LYNCH Jazz fans don’t usually start with trumpeter Brian Lynch when they name the young lions who came of age in the 80s–even though at 42 he’s only five years older than Wynton Marsalis, and can play rings around most of his contemporaries. Talk to musicians, though, and Lynch’s secure place in the modern […]

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Rhythms of Life

Boukman Eksperyans Revolution (Tuff Gong) By Monica Kendrick Buying any of the many “world music” samplers on the market right now is like collecting messages in bottles without reading them. Whether they’re plucked from Tangier or Tibet or anywhere else in the world where people don’t speak English, the mysterious and exotic tunes that score […]