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Brand New Angles

Duo Rating *** A must see Directed by Nobuhiro Suwa Written by Suwa, Eri Yu, and Hidetoshi Nishijima With Yu, Nishijima, and Makiko Watanabe. By Jonathan Rosenbaum The first feature of Nobuhiro Suwa, a director of TV documentaries in his mid-30s, Duo (1996) is the penultimate work in the Doc Films series “Japanese Cinema After […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a woman, 40ish, and extremely horny. My question may be rather unusual: I am wondering if you know of any agencies or escort services that provide heterosexual studs for women. I would like to hook up with a bodybuilder type, a guy with size and stamina, and I am willing to […]

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A Flash and a Fizzle

The Great Fire Lookingglass Theatre Company at About Face Theatre By Adam Langer The Great Chicago Fire began on October 8, 1871, and burned for almost two days, laying waste 2,200 acres of the city. Eighteen thousand buildings were destroyed. A third of the city’s population was left homeless, and nearly 300 people died as […]

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All the Rage

Silkk the Shocker Made Man (No Limit) Mystikal Ghetto Fabulous (No Limit) By Keith Harris Like so many antisocial punks before him, from Iggy to Ice Cube, New Orleans hustler Percy Miller had a dream: to invent the ugliest music imaginable. Under the vaguely sadomasochistic nom de guerre Master P, he devised a virulent, no-budget […]

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Prisoner of the System

The Hairy Ape Mary-Arrchie Theatre By Justin Hayford The third scene of Eugene O’Neill’s 1922 play The Hairy Ape opens in the stokehold of an unnamed ocean liner sailing the Atlantic. O’Neill, rarely one for subtlety, explains in his stage directions that the dozen or so actors crammed into these tight quarters should shovel coal […]

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The Sweat Girls

The Sweat Girls There’s a new incarnation of the Sweat Girls, that talented gaggle of local actors, playwrights, and singers who take over small theaters and deliver short, market-minded monologues. The most recent Sweat Girl collaboration–“Sweat Girl Swing,” at the Swedish American Museum Center–is a modern family-entertainment salon, complete with music, an improvisational spirit, and […]

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Sports Section

Some researcher should do a study of depression among Chicago sports reporters over the next few months. Or, for that matter, among Chicago sports fans. From the disassem-Bulls to the rebuilding White Sox (rebuilding just what exactly?) to the decaying Blackhawks to the Bears in disarray–on field and off–to Walter Payton’s health watch, the sports […]

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Hands on a Hard Body

Hands on a Hard Body Aside from some unnecessarily repetitious sound bites, this is a perfect documentary on a subject that might not seem rich in meaning: an annual days-long contest sponsored by a Nissan dealer in Longview, Texas, in which entrants compete for a new pickup by trying to keep one hand on the […]

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Tyego Dance Project

Tyego Dance Project August Tye may not be the first choreographer to put a new spin on the classical vocabulary, but she’s one of the most insouciant, transforming the taut shapes of ballet into something pert rather than uptight. Yet she’s no lightweight, no mere popularizer of venerable moves. In Spirit Trail, a 1989 piece […]

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Spot Check

BRADY 2/26, SCHUBAS On his debut solo album, On My Own, the Schubas soundman who calls himself “brady” is anything but solo–in fact, his septet of supporting musicians includes Aluminum Group keyboardist Liz Conant, who supplies seductive 60s organ flourishes to his pretty, whispered tunes. But while all the music’s played, arranged, and recorded well […]

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Closed to Interpretation

Unfinished History at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through April 4 By Fred Camper The Museum of Contemporary Art has been a troubled institution for some time. In the last few years its director and most of the curatorial staff have resigned; new director Robert Fitzpatrick appointed new curators only a few months ago. Since […]

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Class Act

Three Days of Rain Steppenwolf Theatre Company By Adam Langer A Richard Greenberg play in town raises the collective IQ of characters on Chicago stages by at least 20 points. In his new Three Days of Rain, it’s just a matter of everyday conversation for a character to observe that “abstractions are turning into facts […]