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BLUEBEARD, Defiant Theatre, at Victory Gardens Theater. Charles Ludlam was an aesthetic anarchist, ridiculing “seriousness” in the theater and reveling in Z-grade schlock. Yet his skill as a playwright and his knowledge of theater history allowed him to combine elements from Aristophanes and commedia dell’arte with drag shows and sci-fi thrillers to deconstruct the sexual […]

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Realms of the Senses

Jan Erkert & Dancers at the Dance Center of Columbia College, March 11-13 Dances From the Heart Hedwig Dances at the Athenaeum Theatre, through March 21 By Terry Brennan Dance–which is only a set of moving bodies–is naturally abstract. Traditional dance forms like ballet often try to tell a comprehensible story by using mime, gestures, […]

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REDSONGS, Theatre of Totality, at the Athenaeum Theatre. This company’s first production is an uncomfortable cross between preadolescent pornography and a therapy session. Theatre of Totality founder Nicholas Koroyanis wrote and directed this dense, pseudopoetic story of a bisexual man tormented by women, Catholicism, and self-hatred. A waffling sexual fantasy, the script is a mess […]

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The Roots

THE ROOTS On their fourth album, Things Fall Apart (MCA), Philadelphia’s Roots navigate the divide between hip-hop’s cynical underground and its hedonistic mainstream by barreling straight down the middle, largely oblivious to the expectations aimed at them from both sides. Since 1987 the Roots have been the very incarnation of a deep love of hip-hop, […]

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Laetitia Sonami

LAETITIA SONAMI Americans’ love affair with technology has veered into obsession over the past few decades, as we stake nearly all our cultural faith on the newest electronic this and computerized that. “Circuitry will save us,” we chant, pointing and clicking our way into a gimmicky, amoral, randomized universe offered up as utopia. Thank heaven […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Dan: There are two reasons you shouldn’t drop your “Hey, Faggot” salutation. First, “Hey, Faggot” is much more your brand identity than “Savage Love.” It’s certainly snappier, and definitely easier to remember. An ex-girlfriend of mine (bisexual, for the record) captured it perfectly one day. I asked her if she’d read some column of […]

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Hard-Core Fun

Sex-o-Rama 2: Classic Adult Film Music (Oglio) Porn to Rock (Callner Music) By Joshua Green Even before Hollywood bestowed upon Burt Reynolds an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a good-hearted pornographer in Boogie Nights, porn was well on its way to mainstream acceptance. The movie–and the movie’s success–merely confirmed its status as a staple […]

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Spot Check

HUGH CORNWELL 3/19, SCHUBAS Hugh Cornwell’s “new” solo album, Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit (actually a reissue of last year’s overseas-only Guilty), doesn’t have any of the vintage violence of his old band, the Stranglers, but folks who liked, say, the last couple Damned albums might appreciate his sophisticated dark pop. Between the slick […]

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Adalberto Alvarez y su Son

ADALBERTO ALVAREZ Y SU SON The latest behemoth to jump on the Latin-music bandwagon is Atlantic Records, which next month will begin licensing and distributing releases from Caliente, a New York specialty indie. The second such release, due April 20, will be Jugando con candela, by Cuba’s Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son. Alvarez, although largely […]

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Visual Music

Raghubir Singh: River of Color at the Art Institute of Chicago, through May 2 By Fred Camper In the 19th century, at the height of Britain’s colonial rule, much of Indian art seemed to collapse. Previously artists had created complex, multicolored views with multiple perspectives, but at that point many began imitating the new perspective […]