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SLC Punk

Stevo (Matthew Lillard) invites us to share the enthusiasm as well as the frustration of his formative years, when he considered himself one of only three true anarchists in the Salt Lake City area. From a vantage point that may not be too distant from that time in the 1980s, he discourses on his past […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories According to an April report from the Associated Press, the University of Illinois managed to find women to fill all 15 laboratory positions in which the only duty is sniffing pig manure. They work three hours a week at $15 an hour, trying to recognize certain chemical markers in the manure so that […]

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Too Late The Hero

Big Star at Metro, May 6 By J.R. Jones This summer promises a bumper crop of 70s nostalgia, with everyone from the J. Geils Band to Journey to Bruce Springsteen’s E Street gang gearing up for big-ticket reunion tours. On its face, last Thursday’s Big Star show seemed like more of the same: a band […]

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What’s Wrong With the INS

Greetings: Ben Joravsky’s article on the citizenship test (April 30) misses the point when it comes to capturing what’s really wrong with the naturalization process. More than two million immigrants are currently waiting for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to handle their citizenship applications. This includes 90,000 immigrants in the Chicago area and throughout […]

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No Spleen

NO SPLEEN, Empire Theatre Company, at Mary-Arrchie Theatre. This is Carolyn Cohagan’s intelligent, unexpectedly funny story of the year her spleen, and the doctors bent on curing her, nearly killed her. A young performer, Cohagan cut her teeth doing stand-up in New York and London. She has a gutsy approach to metaphor, taking ideas to […]

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When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?

When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?, CollaborAction Theatre Company, at Profiles Theatre. When the setting is a lonely truck stop a few miles from the Mexican border, and one of the employees is a restless teenage boy, and a drug-running Vietnam vet stops for gas–well, you’ve got the ingredients for a locked-room hostage-situation melodrama. But […]

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Japanese + Dutch= German

Dear Mr. Rosenbaum, I have read your review of Dr. Akagi with much interest [May 7]. One point especially caught my attention: In your discussion of the conflict between WWII and the war against hepatitis you say “To compound the anomaly, Akagi and Piet converse exclusively in German.” This would actually not have been such […]

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The Tale of Teeka

In a beautifully staged, deceptively simple performance, the Montreal-based company Les Deux Mondes presents an adult story in the disarming style of a children’s tale. Michel Marc Bouchard’s play uses the relationship between an abused farmboy and his only friend, a goose named Teeka (portrayed here by a limber puppeteer), to show the dark cycle […]

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Savage Love

I am a woman who is attracted to gay men. In fact, I wish I were a gay man. When I fantasize about being with a man, I always imagine myself as also having a penis. I know there are ways a man can surgically become a woman, but it’s tougher to enlarge a woman’s […]

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Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet Plus One

PETER BROTZMANN CHICAGO TENTET PLUS ONE The pioneering, domineering, and often breathtaking German saxophonist Peter Brotzmann deserves a key to the city. He’s forged strong ties with Chicago’s new-music community during a series of visits over the last five years–most significantly with reedist Ken Vandermark, bassist Kent Kessler, and drummer Hamid Drake, who’ve proved exceptionally […]

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Rejection Unlimited

Dear Reader, Art 1999. Culture Club per Poor Peter Miller Art Dealer [May 7]. I find it great that Mr. Miller gets to feel what all Chicago artists always feel. The agony of rejection. I guess it shows they can dish it out but they can’t take it. I am sure Mr. Miller is not […]

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Spot Check

ROBBIE WILLIAMS 5/14, METRO Turns out former teen idol Robbie Williams–whose animated working-class mug you’ve almost certainly seen if you read glossy magazines or watch TV–was hiding an honest-to-goodness light under the bushel he must’ve made with the British boy group Take That. On his American debut, The Ego Has Landed (Capitol), he demonstrates a […]

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A Place Called Chiapas

An intelligent and informative feature-length documentary by Canadian filmmaker Nettie Wild about the Zapatista movement and uprising in southern Mexico, concentrating on events that occurred between 1994 and 1997. The film focuses mainly (and cogently) on the struggles of the Zapatista National Liberation Army in Mexico and in cyberspace, but it also allows the government-allied, […]