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Roscoe Mitchell & the Note Factory

ROSCOE MITCHELL & THE NOTE FACTORY Now that the Art Ensemble of Chicago is pretty much on autopilot, restless reedist and composer Roscoe Mitchell is doing his most exciting work with his outside projects. Last year he presented his monstrous mid-70s percussion-heavy sound study “The Maze” as part of a historical concert at the Museum […]

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Sun-Times Pitches Woo/So Called Experts

By Michael Miner Sun-Times Pitches Woo Next Friday the Sun-Times advertising department decides whether to join Big Labor. Some 180 employees will cast secret ballots that could turn them into the newest unit of the Chicago Newspaper Guild, itself a small part of the massive Communications Workers of America. Sun-Times management abhors unions, and it’s […]

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Questions of Balance

Charles Ray at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through July 4 By Fred Camper There’s a feeling of disaster–past, present, or impending–in many of the pieces in the midcareer Charles Ray retrospective now at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Chicago-born Los Angeles artist is best known for his mannequinlike figures, but Firetruck (1993), a […]

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The People, Yes

The People, yes, Theo Ubique Theatre. Fred Anzevino has adapted Carl Sandburg’s poetry cycle The People, Yes for a five-member ensemble–a method of presentation so well suited to the work’s earthy wisdom, homespun wit, and populist plaudits that it’s surprising no one had tried it before. Any performance that relies heavily on verbal rather than […]

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Chicago Fest

Chicago Fest The second annual Chicago Fest, a festival of American independent films, continues Friday through Sunday, June 11 through 13, at the Harold Washington Library Center, 400 S. State. Tickets are $5, except for the closing program on Sunday, which is $25 and includes a postscreening awards party. A $25 pass admits […]

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Chi Lives: remembering Riverview

Ralph Lopez sits in the living room of his Roscoe Village apartment watching a video about the old Riverview amusement park that he and his partner Derek Gee produced five years ago. The 35-minute video, Laugh Your Troubles Away: The Complete History of Riverview Park, includes footage Lopez shot with a Super-8 camera while riding […]

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Savage Love

I am a happily married woman with two beautiful children, and I have a deep, dark secret. When I was 17 I ran away from home. With nowhere to go and nobody to rely upon, I ran into a man who referred me to an escort agency. I performed sexual acts for rich men who […]

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Anchorman (A Blues Operetta)

Anchorman (A Blues Operetta), ETA Creative Arts Foundation. Few plots in recent memory can match this one for idiosyncrasy. A teenager blessed with blazing speed declines to join his mother, who’s gone to Guyana to follow cult leader Jim Jones; instead he accepts an athletic scholarship at a predominantly white boys’ school, where a young, […]

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Dana & Karen Kletter

Dana & Karen Kletter A few years ago Granta subtitled its controversial “The Family” issue “They fuck you up”; if Dear Enemy (Hannibal), the first album by identical twins Dana and Karen Kletter, had been out then, the magazine could’ve included it as a subscriber’s bonus. The 12 songs address a broad array of issues […]

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Spot Check

ETERNALS 6/11, EMPTY BOTTLE This local trio–Wayne Montana on bass, melodica, and keyboards; his former Trenchmouth bandmate Damon Locks on vocals and more keys; and Dan Fliegel, who most recently displayed his skill with exotic rhythms in Tom Ze’s backup band, on drums–has just released its first record, a three-song 12-inch called Chapter and Verse […]

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Ray Anderson Lapis Lazuli Band

RAY ANDERSON LAPIS LAZULI BAND In lending it the name of an azure stone, Ray Anderson has given this sassy, inventive, wild-assed blues quartet an oddly elegant air. He’s made a career out of zigzags and contrasts, though, so his band’s name shouldn’t surprise anyone. Anderson started out as a fire-breathing new-music trombonist–he twisted his […]

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Rating the Facts

Dear editors, I think the Reader’s pullout Blues Fest guide [June 4] was beautiful and functional, a welcome adjustment (if my memory serves) to your usual Blues Fest coverage. The only obvious lack was a map of the area, but you probably have your reasons. I’d like to respond to some of the ideas posed […]

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On Exhibit: signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Last winter artists Marc Fischer and Matti Allison created a series of collages in which they arranged photos from ads and magazines to suggest a relationship among the images. The Logan Square gallery Temporary Services displayed the collages in its storefront window. “People walked by and really understood it, without understanding it was artwork,” says […]