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Bovine Intervention

Bovine Intervention Charles Fambro is having a cow, but not the kind he expected. In February the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs announced that it would organize “Cows on Parade,” an elaborate public art exhibit inspired by a similar project in Zurich; the Chicago show, which opens on Tuesday and runs through the end of […]

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Beyond the First Dimension

Conversation With a Diva Bailiwick Repertory By Carol Burbank Gay pride month is always a mixed bag. The parade may feature fabulous drag queens and heartfelt floats, but the spectacle is interrupted by dull stretches of product placement: a big truck advertising beer or reluctant aldermen waving hesitantly from unmarked cars. The entertainment in bars […]

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Brazil Nuts

Os Mutantes Os mutantes Mutantes A divina comedia ou ando meio desligado (Omplatten) The Best of Os Mutantes: Everything Is Possible! (Luaka Bop) By Michaelangelo Matos Os Mutantes, along with Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, and Tom Ze, were part of the now legendary late-60s tropicalia movement, a conscious exercise in collective experimentation by […]

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The Straight Dope

You say you can deliver the Straight Dope on any topic. Try this one. Who am I? or Who is the knower? or What is consciousness? (All the same question, roughly.) If consciousness (which we all experience intimately) is merely an epiphenomenon of the mind, which is an epiphenomenon of the brain, then there must […]

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Robert Forster & Grant McLennan

ROBERT FORSTER & GRANT McLENNAN In 1977, when Robert Forster and Grant McLennan founded the Go-Betweens, they weren’t merely looking to satisfy their artistic aspirations: they wanted a ticket out of town. They were a couple of teenage misfits in Brisbane, Australia, whose enthusiasm for foreign films and New York punk put them painfully at […]

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Friday 6/11 – Thursday 6/17 JUNE By Cara Jepsen 11 FRIDAY Its flow has been reversed and its course straightened, but the beauty of the Chicago River still holds power over urban photographer Bob Thall, who calls his pictures of the waterway “a sort of visual poem.” An exhibit of 22 of his river photographs […]