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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Scottish murderer Noel Ruddle, who had been in a mental hospital in Glasgow for eight years, was released in August because the hospital hadn’t found a successful treatment for his paranoid schizophrenia. British law prohibits a prisoner’s hospitalization if it does not result in any improvement of his condition. Various officials and psychiatrists […]

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Savage Love 101

To the editor: Although I’m an avid fan of Dan Savage’s Savage Love in the back of Section Four, I feel an informational tidbit in his August 27 column may have misled all three of the Reader’s readers in Kansas and the half dozen or so who were planning to move there. The item in […]

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David Olney

DAVID OLNEY Singer-songwriter David Olney favors brooding, bass-heavy minor-key melodies; he populates his vignettes with vagabonds, outlaws, and losers in search of their souls; his voice goes dry at the top of its range, and he tends to mutter or speak the tail ends of his verses–in other words, he might as well have Townes […]

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Interior Motives

Roy Lichtenstein: Interiors at the Museum of Contemporary Art, through October 10 By Fred Camper Pollock, Rothko, and even pop artist James Rosenquist search for the beautiful, the sublime. If you don’t love their paintings, you don’t “get” them. But Roy Lichtenstein, another founder of pop, is different. His cool, measured, precise pictures, painted to […]

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Savage Love

We realize you’re gay and everything, Dan, but whatever happened to pussy? You used to write about women’s genitals once in a while, and then you were my hero. I still have the column you wrote about the importance of the clit, and I give it to every new boyfriend. But I don’t think you’ve […]

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Morning, Noon, and Night

There have been solo performers since at least the ancient Greeks: it’s likely Homer delivered his epics himself. But today no one has done more to popularize the form than Spalding Gray. His autobiographical narratives–about growing up in a Christian Science family, living in boho New York in the early 80s, or killing time on […]

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A Different Shade of Blue

Kevin Coyne Sugar Candy Taxi (Ruf) By Alec Hanley Bemis “I don’t think it’s a put-down to say that a white kid can’t sing black man’s music,” former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman recently told the Oxford American. “I don’t think it applies. You can usually see that, if you go to both shows, you […]

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Spot Check

ANSON FUNDERBURGH & THE ROCKETS 9/3, BUDDY GUY’S Legends This fine Texas-based blues band gives its guitarist top billing, but he’s not the hoary grandstander that might suggest–the recent Change in My Pocket (Bullseye Blues & Jazz) is dominated by Sam Myers’s distinctive stuffy-nosed bellowing and Delta-learned harp blowing and the lively tinkling of pianist […]

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Orgasmo Adulto Escapes From the Zoo

ORGASMO ADULTO ESCAPES FROM THE ZOO, at the Theatre Building. There’s something inescapably slipshod about this production of Dario Fo and Franca Rame’s vicious feminist commedia, written in 1977. Actually, there are many things: the random assemblage of set pieces, the broad washes of unfocused light, the clunky scene changes, the overall lack of visual […]

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A Breakthrough And A Throwback

Mr. Zhao Rating *** A must see Directed by Lu Yue Written by Shu Ping With Shi Jingming, Zhang Zhihua, Chen Yinan, and Jiang Wenli. All The Little Animals Rating *** A must see Directed by Jeremy Thomas Written by Eski Thomas With John Hurt, Christian Bale, Daniel Benzali, James Faulkner, and John O’Toole. By […]