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Orgasmo Adulto Escapes From the Zoo

ORGASMO ADULTO ESCAPES FROM THE ZOO, at the Theatre Building. There’s something inescapably slipshod about this production of Dario Fo and Franca Rame’s vicious feminist commedia, written in 1977. Actually, there are many things: the random assemblage of set pieces, the broad washes of unfocused light, the clunky scene changes, the overall lack of visual […]

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A Breakthrough And A Throwback

Mr. Zhao Rating *** A must see Directed by Lu Yue Written by Shu Ping With Shi Jingming, Zhang Zhihua, Chen Yinan, and Jiang Wenli. All The Little Animals Rating *** A must see Directed by Jeremy Thomas Written by Eski Thomas With John Hurt, Christian Bale, Daniel Benzali, James Faulkner, and John O’Toole. By […]

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True Books

The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions, by Richard Milsten, MD, and Julian Slowinski, PsyD (W.W. Norton, $25.95). Synopsis: The multitude of sexual dysfunctions, crises, and dilemmas facing men are discussed in detail. Don’t break your penis! Representative quote: “Despite the fact he was near the height of foreplay, he went to the window and using […]

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Getting Bigger All the Time/Good-bye Toulouse? Not Yet./Another Country Is Heard From/Where’s Elton?

Getting Bigger All the Time Since it was introduced nearly 30 years ago, the Imax wide-screen format has been the cinematic equivalent of an amusement park ride, documenting roller coasters, auto racing, and hang gliding. But two young Chicagoans, Don and Steve Kempf, hope to expand the Imax market to include sports films, and they’re […]

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Paul Wertico Trio

PAUL WERTICO TRIO Hyperkinetic drummer Paul Wertico established this trio in 1994, and since then it’s grown into his primary expressive outlet. It’s unusual for Wertico to concentrate on one project like this: in the past, whenever he came off the road from his regular gig with the Pat Metheny Group, within days he’d have […]

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MUFFS Kim Shattuck plays guitar like Johnny Ramone and yowls like there’s coarse twine wrapped round her larynx. But over the course of four albums by her band the Muffs, her songwriting contributions have sounded increasingly more inspired by AM radio than by her LA punk roots (she played bass in the all-female garage-punk combo […]

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Perfect Love!

Murder can be both literal and metaphorical, as writer-director Catherine Breillat demonstrates in this cynical, honest 1996 love story. In shots that resemble interviews, a young woman admits hating her mother, then starts to tell us how her mother met the man who killed her. As if in flashback, the mother’s relationship with this younger […]

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Presenting Clarence Darrow

PRESENTING CLARENCE DARROW, Greenbar Professional Productions, at Stage Left Theatre. In an age of great public speakers, Clarence Darrow was a giant, riveting juries with his passionate arguments. This was the man, after all, who made a monkey of another giant of public speaking, William Jennings Bryan, at the Scopes trial. But you’d never know […]

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The Long Goodbye and Lord Byron’s Love Letter

The Long Goodbye and Lord Byron’s Love Letter, Raven Theatre. In recent seasons Tennessee Williams has enjoyed a belated popularity: revivals of his lesser-known works have figured prominently on the storefront circuit. Now Raven Theatre continues the exhumation with two sketches rarely seen outside the classroom. The Long Goodbye pays homage to Raymond Chandler, one […]

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Can Rubberoom Bounce Back?

Can Rubberoom Bounce Back? Though hip-hop has existed now for two decades, exerting greater and greater influence on popular music, Chicago has yet to produce a consistent hip-hop label–and as the trickle of local independent releases grows into a steady stream, this hole in the scene becomes all the more gaping. Earlier this decade Rubberoom–along […]