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FASTBALL Summer ended weeks ago, and by then even I’d fallen out of love with “The Way,” Fastball’s ubiquitous and supremely catchy breakthrough single. I was sick of its melancholy minor-key verse, sick of the way its shapely chorus hugs the chord changes, sick of the band’s rock-solid playing–sick of all the things that make […]

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The Love Vote

Of Thee I Sing Orchestra Hall, November 7 By J.R. Jones By far the weirdest moment in this Gershwin centennial performance came near the beginning of the second act, when the chorus bore down on the president of the United States, singing, “He is stubborn–we must teach him / He has forced us to impeach […]

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Reader to Reader

The other day I was in my usual hurry to catch the el to work at the Division-Milwaukee subway stop. I heard a train coming and skittered down the steps, impatiently passing an older lady stiffly and slowly making her way down. As I ran to the turnstile, I heard her say wistfully, “I wish […]

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Fear and Loathing in Lakeview

Fear and Loathing in Lakeview: A Feel Good Comedy, Aha!, at Bailiwick Repertory. Bailiwick’s resident improv troupe seems to have found a niche with its brand of mild, quirky, lesbigay humor. And while Fear and Loathing in Lakeview isn’t nearly as ambitious as some of the troupe’s past projects–among them a fully scripted play and […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I have a couple of simple questions: Does a man need to come when he orgasms? And can a man orgasm without coming? I’m totally ignorant when it comes to stuff like this. –Curious Hey, C: Ignorant you are and ignorant you shall remain, my friend, for on the day I write these […]

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Ghosts in the Cottonwoods

GHOSTS IN THE COTTONWOODS, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, at Victory Gardens Theater. At 30, Adam Rapp is a rising star with two novels and a handful of plays under his belt. Both novels–Missing the Piano and The Buffalo Tree–were written for the young adult market and have been well received critically. And his plays have been […]

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Sports Section

When I came through the Pavilion doors last Friday for the American Basketball League Condors’ inaugural game, there was a small combo by the concessions playing simpy Kenny G-style jazz. “If this is women’s basketball,” I thought, “then take me back to bush-league soccer. I’ll snap my fingers to Johnny Hallyday before I sit through […]

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Marvin Stamm Quartet

MARVIN STAMM QUARTET Like most jazz fans, I recognized Marvin Stamm’s name as a mark of quality long before I could identify his trumpet style: busy and sophisticated technique; controlled, matte-finish timbre; and a blend of jazz’s traditions of lyricism and showmanship. After brief stints with the Stan Kenton and Woody Herman bands of the […]

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Spot Check

LANTERNA 11/13, Gunther murphy’s Guitarist Henry Frayne, a veteran of Area, was obviously the kind of kid who daydreamed a lot in class–“never his mind on what he was doing,” as Yoda would say. His current trance-rock project, Lanterna, soars high into the ether but is never quite as firmly rooted in a concrete sense […]

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Breaking the Code

Breaking the Code Herbert Wise’s somber, impeccably acted adaptation of Hugh Whitemore’s play dramatizes the tragedy of English mathematician Alan Turing, one of a small group of brain trusters who helped win World War II by cracking the Nazis’ “Enigma” military code. Unfortunately Turing’s homosexuality marked him as a security risk in the 1950s; ordered […]