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Playing Make-Believe

Pleasant T. Rowland was frustrated. Shopping for a gift for a niece, she was dismayed by the neon frenzy and hype of Barbie dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids. In 1986, Rowland, a former schoolteacher and TV reporter, fought back. She founded the Pleasant Company in Middleton, Wisconsin, to produce a line of historical novels and […]

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Chicks, CollaborAction Theatre Company, at Stage Left Theatre. In Grace McKeaney’s depressing universe, kindergartners are well acquainted with the world’s harsh imperfections. Knowing this, their teacher in this one-woman show tries to efface her own problems–which include loneliness, caring for a father gradually slipping into Alzheimer’s, loneliness, and the fear that she’s wasting her life–in […]

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Lives of Performers

Of all Yvonne Rainer’s films, this 1972 first feature most clearly bridges her formidable career as an avant-garde dancer and choreographer and her subsequent work as an experimental filmmaker. Its 14 fiction and nonfiction episodes chronicle and/or comment on Rainer’s performances, using sound and intertitles in various inventive and unorthodox ways and concentrating on issues […]