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Found in Nature

Joanna Beall at Thomas McCormick Works of Art, through December 23 Ellen Steinberg: Luminous Flux at University of Illinois at Chicago William and Mildred Levine Hillel Center, through December 13 Bonita McLaughlin at InsideArt, through December 30 By Fred Camper The feminist reevaluation of art history has occasionally focused on women whose artist-husbands were more […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories Adult model not yet available: Laurita Bledsoe of Detroit was recently granted a patent for her Talking Pottie trainer, which fits over a toilet and uses computer-chip technology to play a recording giving kids applause and verbal congratulations for jobs well done. According to an October Wall Street Journal profile, Randall C. Hutchens […]

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OUTKAST On their recently released third album, Aquemini (La Face), OutKast’s Big Boi and Dre raise Atlanta’s already high hip-hop stakes, once again connecting laid-back breakbeats with live soul and funk flourishes. On “Rosa Parks” they play up their southern roots, complementing their thick verbal twang with a raucous harmonica breakdown and wild foot stomping, […]

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Billy Bragg/ Amy Rigby

BILLY BRAGG/AMY RIGBY I’ve never been able to stomach Billy Bragg’s own music, a mix of the self-righteous and the prosaic that always comes off like agitprop Mad Libs. But I deeply enjoy Mermaid Avenue (Elektra), his collaboration with Wilco on original music for previously unrecorded Woody Guthrie lyrics. While “I Guess I Planted” is […]

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Still Hungry

Patti Smith Group at the Riviera Theatre, November 22 By Monica Kendrick Nympholepsy–the state of violently longing for impossible ideals–is best known in its most sensationalistic form, nymphomania; it’s been most commercially viable when it manifests itself as rock ‘n’ roll. But every poet has it too, and every politician and every preacher–in short, every […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I’m a 23-year-old beautiful, Anna Nicole Smith-type bisexual girl. I always receive an overwhelming amount of attention from both sexes. I have always had powerful sexual feelings for gay and bisexual men who are stereotypically queeny and effeminate. I admire and am fascinated by them. To me, heterosexual men are boring and disgusting […]

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Junior Brown/Allison Moorer

JUNIOR BROWN/ALLISON MOORER Austin’s Junior Brown tries to flaunt his range with his latest effort, Long Walk Back (Curb), but in practically every case the droll singer-guitarist just proves how limited that is. On previous albums he’s delivered a winning amped-up traditionalism, mixing the half-spoken vocals of Ernest Tubb with Jimi Hendrix-style ax slinging; after […]

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Houston Person & Etta James

HOUSTON PERSON & ETTA JONES In a radio interview several years ago, 64-year-old tenor saxist Houston Person and 70-year-old vocalist Etta Jones called their musical partnership a marriage, one that’s even earned the blessings and respect of both artists’ real spouses. Their union dates back to the mid-70s–thereby outlasting the average conventional marriage–and the compatibilities […]

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Sports Section

Let’s get one thing straight before we go further: Love is not finite. As any parent knows, a new offspring comes along and the family grows to embrace the child (more often than not, anyway). Money and time may be limited, but not the ability to care about someone or something new. The same goes […]

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Spot Check

DON CABALLERO 11/27, LOUNGE AX Reports of this high-density band’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Perhaps it was roused from its short but much-boohooed slumber by the tedious din of all the god-awfully serious instrumental lurch-wank bands that seethed up in its absence. At any rate, this year’s What Burns Never Returns (Touch and Go) […]