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A Whisper To a Scream

Sainkho Namtchylak at the Museum of Contemporary Art, September 26 To the great credit of the organizers, Chicago’s first World Music Festival was not the display of reverse cultural tourism that it could have been: the programming was instead a lively, busy confusion of the folkloric and the futuristic, the ethnically “pure” and the scrapings […]

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Sports Section

September is the month when most baseball fans start looking ahead to the next season, because it’s when rosters expand from a maximum of 25 to 40 and the phenoms come up from the minor leagues. The Cubs and their fans, however, are different. To love the Cubs is to love the past–the distant past, […]

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The Lady

Released in 1998 after a seven-year ban by the Iranian government, this feature by Dariush Mehrjui explores the psyche of a distressed upper-class woman but also serves as a political parable about Iran’s uneasy class relations. Banoo, abandoned by her philandering husband, invites a homeless gardener and his wife to live in her Tehran mansion, […]

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Stonewall Jackson’s House

STONEWALL JACKSON’S HOUSE, Next Theatre Company. George S. Kaufman once said that “satire is what closes Saturday night.” A devilish form, satire demands that the playwright be both storyteller and editorial writer. If the story flags, then the play becomes mere hectoring. And if the writer fails to skewer his subject, the play has no […]

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Spot Check

CHLORINE 10/8, HOUSE OF BLUES Not even as interesting as Ratt, who headline. NEBULA 10/8, EMPTY BOTTLE To the Center (Sub Pop) is the forthcoming full-length debut from this LA trio (earlier EPs were on Man’s Ruin and Relapse), and their bongwater-stanky groove is colored deep purple and blue–as in cheer, and as in the […]

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Three Sisters

THREE SISTERS, Wing & Groove Theatre. Trust this treasure from 1901 and the rewards are enormous: Anton Chekhov’s “what might have been” far outweighs most writers’ “what has to be.” Mired in provincial life, the Prozorov sisters ache for love and work and Moscow. But they travel far more than they know, reaching across a […]

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Bevis Frond

BEVIS FROND Nick Saloman, who for most intents and purposes is the Bevis Frond, is single-handedly keeping aloft the torch of first-wave psychedelic rock. As a teenager in the 60s, he played in a group called the Bevis Frond Museum, but he didn’t release any records under the name until Miasma in 1986. Since then, […]

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Woman Alive: A Mockudrama

Woman Alive: A Mockudrama, Nomenil Theatre Company, at SweetCorn Playhouse. Imagine a women’s empowerment film made around 1972 featuring actors trained on The Brady Bunch. With this production Nomenil lives up to its reputation for serving strange fare: farcical ham rolled up in disturbing, stinky cheese that leaves people wondering an hour later what the […]

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Excerpted from Drop Kick Me Jesus, Through the Goal Posts of Life or, “Take It Outside, Godboy!”: Professional Football Finds Religion By Tim Woessner I can handle many of the recent changes in football: the outrageous salaries that may one day bankrupt the entire league, the utter lack of loyalty to team or community among […]