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Latin Love

Marc Anthony Marc Anthony (Columbia) Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias (Interscope) By Franklin Soults “America has no true culture of its own,” a Nigerian acquaintance of mine informed me just before Thanksgiving, smiling with friendly disdain. If there were anything that could prove him wrong, you’d think it would have been Thanksgiving weekend–a particularly American quasi-religious […]

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A Movie Is A Movie

Perhaps I’ve been living in Los Angeles too long, but the notion that movie adaptations of books should retain complete fidelity to the written word is an anachronism [November 19]. It doesn’t matter what the germ of the idea is. Once it is in the director’s hands, the subject becomes the director’s. So it seems […]

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Our Bloody History

Dear editor, There is no story on East Timor that can be complete without some context about how the “Greek Tragedy” came to be. The role of the United States has been left out of Pappu’s column [November 26] and it provides the best place from which to see how genocide has been perpetrated against […]

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The Straight Dope

There is a common (I hesitate to say “popular”) salt substitute called NoSalt that consists of the compound potassium chloride (which is indeed a salt, but not a sodium-based one). This compound is used in other salt substitutes as well. Curiously, this very same compound has been used on several occasions by Dr. Jack Kevorkian […]

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Hunting for an Identity

Dear Mr. Migaldi, Thank you very much for taking the time to write and publish your essay “Natural Born Killers” [November 26]. Your gentle yet firm handling of the confusion that men (and women too) experience when defining their identities struck a vibrant chord with me. As a man, I too have had to wrestle […]

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Friday 12/17 – Thursday 12/23 DECEMBER By Cara Jepsen 17 FRIDAY Downstate artist Randolph Evans painted wildlife and landscapes–until he went to Vietnam as an army medic in 1969. Upon his return he abandoned ducks and barns for images from his tour, which he says helped him face reality. His most recent work addresses “what […]

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New Lessons Afoot/Schuster: Buy George!/Korshak Flack Makes Tracks/Surviving Aida

New Lessons Afoot “I can dance, but I’m not a trained dancer,” explains Bonnie Brooks, the UCLA professor who’s been named director of the Dance Center of Columbia College. Her appointment represents a significant change after Columbia ended Shirley Mordine’s 30-year reign at the center. Mordine focused on training students to be dancers or choreographers, […]

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Neither Sleepy nor Hollow

I disagree somewhat with your review of Sleepy Hollow [November 19]. While Burton takes excessive liberty with Irving’s story, what he does succeed in giving his audience is a genuine tale of horror. Arguments that Burton overdid the special effects may be worth considering, but any judgment of this sort is subjective. The central problem […]

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What’s New

Echo, another eclectic Wicker Park place, opened recently in the former Starfish space with chef Dirk Flanigan (of just-closed Madam B) running the kitchen. Starfish owner Sean Herron (who also owns Meritage) gave the room a cool yet comfortable new look with cast concrete tables, an aluminum bar, gray hardwood floors, and dusty blue walls. […]

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True Terrorists

To the editor: Help me out here–was John Conroy’s Reader article about Aaron Patterson (“Pure Torture,” 12/3/99) supposed to render John and Mary Q. Public sympathetic toward this thug-ass criminal? Why did you waste all of that newsprint on this one-man crime wave who has spent his entire privileged life making the lives of others […]

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Michael Zerang & Hamid Drake

MICHAEL ZERANG & HAMID DRAKE Whether powering the Brotzmann Chicago Tentet as that free-jazz jumbo jet gets airborne or entangling themselves in long, loose saxophone lines as two-thirds of a trio with tenor hero Fred Anderson, percussionists Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang have spent the last decade forging an extraordinary understanding of one another–the sort […]