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Savage Love

I am in the middle of changing my sex from male to female. I have a sweet girlfriend, and she and I have fabulous sex! I told her I was a woman about four years ago and began the transition two years ago. My girlfriend still loves me and overlooks the boobies or other feminizations. […]

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Karrin Allyson, Nancy King

KARRIN ALLYSON, NANCY KING Before I learned about this bill, I’d have never guessed that Karrin Allyson had even heard of Nancy King–let alone that she’s adored King’s records for years, as she’s recently said. Though the two share a husky-voiced assertiveness, their territories don’t seem to overlap: King, an intrepid scat improviser based in […]

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Electronica in the House/The Ax Finally Falls

Electronica in the House House music has sprouted like a spider plant since its birth more than two decades ago. Techno, speed garage, acid house, drum ‘n’ bass, gabber, and 90s electronica are among its progeny–but here in Chicago, where house began, its more experimental offspring are largely ignored. Important postrave artists, from England’s Autechre […]

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Sports Section

What a perfect time for the end of the millennium or, if not that, the end of the century or, if not even that, then certainly the end of the 1900s and, ergo, the 90s. If there has ever been a time when Chicago sports fans wanted to reject the present and lose themselves in […]