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Prince For a Day

The Artist Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (NPG/Arista) By Josh Goldfein This year should’ve belonged to the artist once known as Prince, and not just because he wrote the theme song. Prince Rogers Nelson is a millennial figure in his stature (not to be confused with his height) among the greatest composers of the century, […]

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The Cradle Will Rock

This ambitious, Altman-esque tapestry by writer-director Tim Robbins re-creates various events involving art, patronage, and politics during the mid-1930s, all revolving around the Federal Theater’s legendary New York production of Marc Blitzstein’s socialist opera The Cradle Will Rock and its suppression by the U.S. Congress. One could make countless legitimate complaints about the film’s details, […]

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The Straight Dope

While waxing nostalgic over our favorite cartoons from the 60s and 70s with some friends, we suddenly realized that Disney’s The Lion King bears a striking resemblance in plot and cast to the Japanese-made 60s TV series Kimba the White Lion (of which we can all remember every word of the theme song, by the […]

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The Decade’s Finest

Ten Best Movies of the 90s (not including but with notes on Cradle Will Rock) By Jonathan RosenbaumDoes one’s integrity ever lie in what he is not able to do? I think that usually it does, for free will does not mean one will, but many wills conflicting in one man. Freedom cannot be conceived […]

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Friday 12/24 – Thursday 1/6 DECEMBER By Cara Jepsen 24 FRIDAY Chicago usually turns into a ghost town on Christmas Eve, so there should be plenty of parking at tonight’s Retro Eve. The fund-raiser for the Jewish Children’s Bureau’s Therapeutic Family Day Care Center offers free food and cocktails until 10 and music by the […]

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The Boss Is Lost

Q: It’s Monday morning, January 4. The city is paralyzed by a blizzard, and the CTA has collapsed. You are CTA president Frank Kruesi, and according to your publicity, you always take the el to work. How long does it take you to get from your home station in Albany Park to City Hall to […]

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The Mustache

THE MUSTACHE, Thirteenth Tribe, at the Athenaeum Theatre. I can recall few Chicago productions as compulsively fascinating as this adaptation of neogothic French author Emmanuel Carrere’s surrealistic novel about a man driven to madness after he shaves off his mustache and no one seems to notice. The story is utterly unpredictable yet fiendishly logical as […]

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Made to Be Broken

Chicago aldermen–who are paid extraordinary yearly salaries of $85,000 for part-time legislative work–obviously don’t have enough to do. Over the years aldermen have gone on famously useless crusades. Who could forget, for example, the wall Bernard Stone envisioned between Chicago and Evanston to prevent shopping traffic on Howard Street from spilling over into the 50th […]

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Robbie Fulks

ROBBIE FULKS Robbie Fulks’s misleadingly titled new album, The Very Best of Robbie Fulks (due in January on Bloodshot), is in fact a decade-spanning collection of oddities and rarities meant to tide fans over as Chicago’s best singer-songwriter-satirist–who parted ways with Geffen this year–works out new material and decides how to release it. But like […]