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Savage Love

I would like to remove the hair from my butt, but it’s hard to fit the razor in my cleavage. Which depilatories are safe for the area? –Hairy Butt Blues After reading your to-the-point letter, HBB, the old, insensitive, helpful Dan Savage would have found the safest, quickest way to rid yourself of yer wiry […]

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Four Dogs and a Bone

Four Dogs and a Bone, GroundUp Theatre, at Breadline Theatre. Although John Patrick Shanley does a fine job of aping the vacuous Hollywood mind-set, as a critique of the film industry Four Dogs and a Bone comes up short. Compared to the ferocity with which he attacked cinema stock characters and situations in Congo, his […]

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Spot Check

ALTAN 1/28, IRISH AMERICAN HERITAGE CENTER One of the tightest, most intricate, and best-respected Irish trad ensembles working today, Altan has never added bland New Age touches a la Clannad or invited the Rolling Stones over to jam a la the Chieftains. They still focus more or less unchangingly on the resin that grips the […]

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Alive and Kicking

Dear eds: Thank you for Jeffrey Felshman’s fine piece on the slow demise of Booksellers Row [January 14]. These three stores play an important role in the fond memories of thousands of Chicagoans. It is with great regret that we say good-bye to Booksellers Row and other great shops sacrificed to the big box superstore […]

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Two-Fisted Atheist

Please, can somebody convince Rob Sherman to enter into individual or family therapy, for the sake of himself and his family [December 17]? (It would also be nice if he would stop giving atheists and liberals a bad name.) It is disappointing to see someone who looks for “evidence” regarding faith in God who cannot […]

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Stop Kiss

STOP KISS, Naked Eye Theatre Company, at the Theatre Building. Imagine Callie and Sara, two de facto heterosexual women who realize they’re infatuated with each other. At the moment of their first kiss, however, they’re attacked by a gay basher, who leaves one of them comatose. It’s not a bad place to start a play […]