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Shallots Lays Down the Law

Laura Frankel and Dennis Wasko started experimenting with fine kosher cuisine in 1997. Frankel had kept a kosher kitchen at home for ten years and Wasko had never set foot in one, but both found the challenge of working within the strict culinary restrictions inspiring. They started a small catering company, testing the market for […]

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Drummers of West Africa

DRUMMERS OF WEST AFRICA Mickey Hart and Steve Reich have studied with them, the Japanese taiko troupe Kodo has performed with them, and the Rolling Stones have taken them on the road as an opening act. Now on their first North American tour, the Drummers of West Africa seem poised to become celebrities in their […]

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Calendar Sidebar

Once a year was not enough for Around the Coyote. The annual arts festival is holding its first winter edition this weekend, February 4 through 6. Offerings include dance, music, and theater performances, plus art exhibits and film and video screenings. Shown here is a detail of Elizandro Carrington’s Exotic Authenticity, on view at the […]

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City File

“This is not a dumbing-down of teachers. This is raising up the standards,” says Brian Perryman, director of the Chicago district of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (Washington Post National Weekly, January 3). He’s referring to a new program under which INS will issue 50 special six-year work visas a year to teachers of math, […]

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The Two Towers

THE TWO TOWERS, Lifeline Theatre. When I was in high school I pored over “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, wore a Middle Earth T-shirt, and smirked to myself whenever I read “Frodo Lives” scratched into a cigarette-scarred sill in the boys’ bathroom. Twenty years later J.R.R. Tolkien’s cult novels seem overwritten, and the story […]

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Jack Ingram

JACK INGRAM Jack Ingram got his start playing hard-rocking honky-tonk at Texas frat houses, clumsily trying to imitate hardscrabble storytellers like Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle for good ol’ boys too splooey to notice if he failed. He doesn’t play those parties anymore, but he’s still striving to sound like his heroes. […]

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Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity, Cenacle Theatre Company, at Pilsen Theatre. It’s the “Where were you when…?” event of the post-Kennedy generation. Millions tuned in to watch the Challenger launch–which would send a schoolteacher and a group of astronauts to plant a telescope in space–only to witness the shuttle’s horrifying destruction. Jane Anderson’s play dramatizes the disaster’s impact […]

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Ace of Clubs

10 Years of Strictly Rhythm–Mixed by “Little Louie” Vega (Strictly Rhythm) By Michaelangelo Matos Maybe you’ve already read about the tenth anniversary celebration of a hardy experimental underground record label whose contributions to modern dance culture are so significant they merited a six-CD box set? Or maybe not, since the New York-based label Strictly Rhythm–the […]

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Heart of Glass

By Ted Kleine Khaim Pinkhasik was born in 1940, the Year of the Dragon. This year will also be the Year of the Dragon, and a few weeks ago an Indian man in a turban walked into Pinkhasik’s glass-mosaic studio and told him, “The karma in February is going to start–you’re going to get work, […]

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The Diary of Anne Frank

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, Attic Playhouse. This new adaptation by Wendy Kesselman–a revision of the Pulitzer-winning drama by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett–partly restores the real Anne Frank. Drawing on the 1995 definitive edition of her diary, Kesselman has made Anne more Jewish and less “universal,” more sexual and less saintly, and angrier at […]

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Place Vendome

Place Vendome The EU Festival is always a welcome event, and this year’s program brings to town over two dozen new European features. This 1999 French film by actress Nicole Garcia is striking above all because of its lead performance–Catherine Deneuve as a recovering alcoholic who springs back into action when she discovers seven diamonds […]

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Knock Me A Kiss

KNOCK ME A KISS, Victory Gardens Theater. Charles Smith’s plays tend to work better as outlines than as dramas. In Freefall he dealt schematically with cops and drug pushers, and in Black Star Line he tackled the life of Marcus Garvey but without coming to terms with Garvey’s contradictory life. W.E.B. DuBois played a supporting […]

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The Straight Dope

Last night I scared the bejesus out of myself reading about the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917, hantavirus, and the Ebola virus. Then I started to wonder. We can kill bacteria. If you come down with a nasty case of bubonic plague, it’s at least possible that your doctor could knock it out with an […]