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Dennis DeYoung

DENNIS DeYOUNG OK, I liked Styx. Not that I ever actually bought one of their records–I was, after all, well over 13 by 1975, when the group broke into the Top 40. But unlike most of my friends, I didn’t reflexively retch the moment “Lady” or “Come Sail Away” came blaring over the radio. I […]

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Coy Pugh’s Con Game

Letters: Our civilization is headed for the dustbin of history (“The Courage of His Convictions” 01-28-00). In turning the pages to complete the article, I saw that Cecil (in “The Straight Dope”) came out for homosexual marriage which is an endgame death wish if I ever saw one! The eternal consternation of a lawmaker having […]

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City File

Thought crime is everywhere. According to the Washington Post (January 18), the improbably named Brag Bowling, central Virginia commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, demanded that the burning of a Robert E. Lee banner in Richmond, Virginia, be treated by police as a hate crime against southerners. News you won’t hear from conservatives. Kenneth […]

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Chicago Ear and Eye Control

Chicago Ear and Eye Control This excellent program of three-to-four-minute shorts is the last in a series organized by musician Ken Vandermark and filmmaker Paula Froehle that combines film with improvised music (presented not as accompaniment but as a concurrent event). With works from about 30 filmmakers from around the country, tonight’s installment should recapture […]

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Crooked Fingers

CROOKED FINGERS Eric Bachmann was not just the front man for the popular Archers of Loaf but also the auteur behind Barry Black, whose self-titled first album remains one of the most worthwhile indie-rock side projects ever (though the same can’t be said of the follow-up, Tragic Animal Stories). Those two ventures sounded nothing alike–the […]

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The Feast of All Saints

The Feast of All Saints, Headstrong Theatre. The playbill calls this “a love story,” but William T. Buster’s play is that and much more. Set at the start of the 20th century, it tells the tender and tragic tale of a young woman who’s raped, then disowned by her family for becoming pregnant. The play’s […]

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Undershorts Film Festival

Undershorts Film Festival The short films on this program–a dizzying variety–point neither straight to Hollywood nor straight to video. Among the many powerful offerings are Dean Rank’s Flex, a disquieting abstract depiction of an audition; Laura Heit’s Moat, an elegant symbolist dream drama; Tom Brierton’s No Exit?, a dryly humorous yet chilling parable; Masahiro Sugano’s […]

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A Couple of Kooks

My Best Fiend Rating * Has redeeming facet Directed and written by Werner Herzog. By Jonathan Rosenbaum What’s the difference between artistry and bravado? This isn’t a question I generally feel inclined to ask, but I’m compelled by the work of Werner Herzog, who scrambles the two until it’s difficult to tell which is which. […]

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The Straight Dope

In his book The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe, William A. Rossi writes, “Foot fetishism or intense foot partialism is common enough to have earned itself a medical term, equus eroticus.” Erotic horse?! Is Rossi kidding? How is “erotic horse” relevant to feet? I simply do not get it. Cecil, please explain. –J.K., […]

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Friday 2/11 – Thursday 2/17 FEBRUARY By Cara Jepsen 11 FRIDAY Last September, Columbia College’s Center for Book and Paper Arts relocated to William Le Baron Jenney’s Ludington Building at 1104 S. Wabash, built in 1891. Fittingly, Archibookture, the center’s inaugural exhibit, features work by artists and architects that combines elements of books and buildings. […]