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My One and Only

MY ONE AND ONLY, Drury Lane Oakbrook. This faux Gershwin musical boasts a score cobbled together from ten real Gershwin shows and aptly silly dialogue by Peter Stone and Timothy S. Mayer about a quixotic romance between a would-be Lindbergh and an ex-English Channel swimmer. The point–other than to stitch together treasures like “‘S Wonderful” […]

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Savage Love

Hey, everybody: In a recent column, I wrote that straight men wanna fuck women other than (or in addition to) their wives and girlfriends. Lots of women wrote insisting this wasn’t the case, that the men they love only wanna fuck them. Not a single straight man wrote in to complain, however, which I couldn’t […]

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Genesis “The Bible reveals that fraternity has always been a fraternity of blood,” states Malian director Cheick Oumar Sissoko, and his magnificent 1999 film of desert landscapes and fratricidal warfare, dedicated “to all who make peace,” implies parallels with today’s ethnic conflicts. Said to be the first African film with a biblical source, it adapts […]

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Steve Lacy-Roswell Rudd Quartet

Steve Lacy-Roswell Rudd Quartet The late-90s reappearance of trombonist Roswell Rudd–who retreated to academia in the 70s and the Catskills in the late 80s–is one of the happier chapters in recent jazz history. And it’s not just that he’s finally earned some long-deserved recognition for his contributions to free jazz in the 60s–the guy sounds […]

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The Woman Who Isn’t There

Waking the Dead Rating ** Worth seeing Directed by Keith Gordon Written by Robert Dillon With Billy Crudup, Jennifer Connelly, Molly Parker, Janet McTeer, Paul Hipp, Sandra Oh, and Hal Holbrook. By Jonathan Rosenbaum I can’t make any great claims for Keith Gordon’s fourth feature as a director–a tragic love story that might be described […]

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Spot Check

GLUECIFER 3/24, EMPTY BOTTLE This five-year-old Norwegian outfit has been signed to Sub Pop, which after years of floundering has decided to carve a niche for itself in trash rock. In preparation for its first full-length for the label, due in June, Gluecifer has issued an EP, Get the Horn, that samples tracks from their […]

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The Love Talker

The Love Talker, Defiant Theatre, at Victory Gardens Theater. Is the woodland charmer of the title a pagan deity, a diabolical child molester, or a mischievous pastoral sprite? Or has he been hallucinated into existence by lonely rural women? And is Bun’s vow to protect her little sister Gowdie from his corrupting influence the act […]

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Miner Defects

Letter to the Editor: Michael Miner’s article on the editorial demise of American Medical News [Hot Type, March 10] was astoundingly idiotic, given all the reporting he’s done on AM News since 1996. Dr. George Lundberg is a quisling who threw AM News to the wolves five years ago to protect his precious AMA medical […]

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Wise Blood

Wise Blood, WNEP Theater Foundation, at the Chopin Theatre. Flannery O’Connor said Wise Blood was to be read with zest, and Jen Ellison’s stage adaptation of the 1952 novel has captured that spiritual gusto. But in other ways Ellison’s adaptation may be too loyal. Some moments, particularly in the second act, lack context, and exposition […]

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Outside Looking In

The Territory Between Fluid Measure Performance Company and Simone Forti at Link’s Hall, March 10-12 By Daniel Halkin When we reflect on our sense of identity, do we focus on what’s memorable and definite–on what we identify as formative experiences? Can we gain insight into ourselves by observing what we’re ambivalent about? Or is our […]

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The Beast Within

Boy Gets Girl Goodman Theatre By Adam Langer Those whose theatrical tastes tend toward the exquisite poetry of Eugene O’Neill–whose Moon for the Misbegotten was the Goodman’s most recent production–will no doubt find Rebecca Gilman’s Goodman debut somewhat disappointing. There are no beautiful, soaring passages in Boy Gets Girl, and few gracefully turned phrases or […]

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Mad Cap and Co-Ed Prison Sluts

MADCAP and Co-Ed Prison Sluts, Annoyance Theatre. Eleven years ago director Mick Napier, songwriter Faith Soloway, and an ensemble of gifted performers did something amazing. They created, mostly through improvisation, a brilliantly funny one-act musical about a group of losers hanging out in a prison that was mysteriously coed. The show spawned a host of […]

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In Print: growing up invisible

Helen Zia was one of five children of immigrants from Shanghai who had met and married in New York. Her father had a degree from Saint John’s University, but he couldn’t find a job after the family settled in New Jersey in the 1950s. “He earned money as a taxi driver,” Zia recalls. “Later we […]