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Tons O’ Fun

By Jon Fine The prepunk late 60s and early 70s constitute one of the most widely loathed periods in music–and if you’re one of the shortsighted people who loathe it then I feel sorry for you, because it was a remarkably fertile time. It’s when new, physically based approaches to music crystallized. Like heavy hard […]

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Friday 4/7 – Thursday 4/13 APRIL By Cara Jepsen 7 FRIDAY In today’s tight labor market, skilled workers can allegedly write their own tickets. But can they really? And will they continue to have that luxury when the economy dips? Today a group of experts, including Jonathan Hiatt of the AFL-CIO, United Airlines human resources […]

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Stefon Harris

STEFON HARRIS The jazz world has been waiting for someone like Stefon Harris for the better part of 30 years. The twentysomething Harris plays the vibraphone, an instrument that has added no larger-than-life innovator to its small pantheon of greats since the mid-60s–when Bobby Hutcherson embraced improvisational freedom, making the vibes welcome in avant-garde circles, […]

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InterFest 2000

InterFest 2000 Chicago theater is as racially and culturally varied as the city itself, yet to actor-director Stephan Turner–and many others–it often seems that off-Loop theater is still fragmented in terms of the work different companies present and the audiences they target. “We live together, we work together, and then when we get ready to […]

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Terumasa Hino

TERUMASA HINO Although he has a lower profile in the States than his countrymen Sadao Watanabe or Yosuke Yamashita, trumpeter Terumasa Hino has proved himself their equal with his restless search to reinvent his music. He’s a sort of Japanese Miles Davis: He first caught American ears with the 1973 club recording Taro’s Mood (Enja)–just […]

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Chicago Latino Film Festival

Chicago Latino Film Festival The 16th annual Chicago Latino Film Festival, presented by the International Latino Cultural Center, continues Friday through Thursday, April 7 through 13. Film and video screenings will be at Water Tower, 845 N. Michigan; Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton; Univ. of Illinois-Chicago Lecture Center B2, 750 S. Halsted; Loyola Univ. […]

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What’s Their Point?

Ellen Rothenberg: Beautiful Youth at Vedanta Gallery V-1, through April 29 Jens Hanke: Sequence at Fassbender, through April 29 Matthew Girson at Zolla/Lieberman, through April 29 By Fred Camper Many artists’ statements today sound the same: I don’t aim to enforce a specific interpretation; I hope that different viewers will form different opinions. This profound […]

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Chicago Moving Company

Chicago Moving Company Nana Shineflug, artistic director of the Chicago Moving Company, has always taken two different tacks in her choreography, a lyrical spiritual one and a wild kitschy one–I’ll never forget her roller-skating in a piece in the late 80s. Both facets are evident in her troupe’s upcoming concert even though she’s only one […]

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Jekyll & Hyde

JEKYLL & HYDE, at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. If you wanted to see one show that exemplified everything that’s wrong with the contemporary Broadway musical, Jekyll & Hyde would fill the bill. Overblown, shallow, and utterly undramatic, with annoying pop tunes by Frank Wildhorn and bland, forgettable lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, this show makes Robert […]

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The Sound of One

The Sound of One, Dolphinback Theatre Company, at National Pastime Theater. When this musical by Dolphinback members Ryan McCall and Matt McGaughey begins with the five cast members beaming broadly, holding hands, and playfully nudging one another, it’s difficult not to groan in anticipation of a syrupy coming-of-age story. By the end, though, this production […]